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Do You Wish to Increase Your House’s Value? Bathroom Remodeling Can Help!

Improving your bathroom is a solid investment, no matter where you live. A trustworthy survey shows that bathrooms have been a leading remodeling project in 2022 in the US. Although the costs can be remarkably different in different states, one can expect their ROI to be consistent and better. Usually, mid-priced remodeling works bring about 70% ROI, and luxurious ones are 60% on average. In 2021, 71% of people renovated their homes. Of this, 45% of the work included bathroom revamping. Remodeling the bathroom can push your home’s value by three percent. Even minor changes have improved the property’s value by USD 1.70 per dollar spent.

It indicates even minor changes like adding a recommended bathroom sink faucet, sink, shower stall, and others can be noteworthy. And when you take giant steps, yields can be much higher. Those who splurged a national average of around USD $26,574 in 2022 could imagine their return to be 60.22%. What is another reason to plan a renovation? As much as 93% of householders admitted their life quality improved because of renovating their homes.

Bathroom remodels – cost by state!

Every wise mind wants to know what they get in return after spending their hard-earned money on something. Since home renovations are serious considerations because of the budget size, you would like to decide anything based on the status of cost recovery over ten years down the road. Suppose you live in Alabama. If you spent USD $15,107 in 2012 and USD $24,106 in 2022, your return on investment could be 80.90% and 74.80%, respectively.

Those in Arizona who invested USD $15,317 in 2012 on bathroom remodeling witnessed an 81.40% increase in value. The yield was 62.30% when they remodeled their bathroom at $ USD $25,003 in 2022. Californians who updated this space in 2012 for USD $19,865 saw the price appreciate by 77.20%. If someone in the same state budgeted their expense around USD $34,911 in 2022, they saw their ROI jump to 74.40%.

Remember, some American states cost more in remodeling, and a few locations already have a high cost of living. So, one must account for inflation. Spending more doesn’t also guarantee a better recoup rate. Expensive project can ensure a return of 62.59% on average. The experts point out that the ROI is still headed north compared to the national average of 58.9%. Suppose someone’s bathroom remodeling cost was USD $35,254 in New York in 2022. They recouped around 56.40% in the same year. In Washington, a bathroom that demanded investing USD $31,427 helped a homeowner recover around 75.80%. If you spent USD $32,000 on a bathroom makeover in Montana, you might have seen your ROI to be 62.40%. In Massachusetts, ROI could have been around 61.70% for a remodeling budget of USD $35,085.

Do you worry if budget-friendly makeovers will generate lower ROIs? Research reveals that as many as ten American states with low renovation budgets witnessed about 59.04% of ROI on average, while the national average stands at 58.9%. That means you are still in better shape, even with an affordable budget. As per the survey, homeowners reaped 58.90% of ROI against their remodeling cost of USD $21,273 in 2022 in North Dakota. In Arkansas, it was 65.80% on a spend of USD$23,183. Floridians spent USD $22,760, and their ROI was 69.20%. In Tennessee, people who put aside USD $22,480 for bathroom edits received around 76.50% of the return.

A deep analysis demonstrates that remodeling a bathroom in New York can cost USD $14,000 more than in North Dakota. But if you check the difference in the status of ROI, the latter gives better results. 58.90% of North Dakota’s ROI is 2% more than New York’s.

Best ROI 2022 state wise!

After seeing the last highlight, you can be curious about states that offer the highest return rates on investments. For the uninitiated, Maine leads other US states in this category by providing an ROI of 88.5%. Florida is the last in the top 10 states but much better than other places. A Floridian obtained an ROI of 69.2%. Other areas also ensure good ROI, including Hawaii (77.7%), Delaware (77.2%), Tennessee (76.5%), Washington (75.8%), Alabama (74.8%), California (74.4%), Wyoming (72.6%), and Indiana (71.0%).

Cost by bathroom upgrades and types

The scope of renovation influences your investment in a bathroom. You can opt for partial or complete changes based on requirements. Entire remodeling consists of replacing designs, fixtures, and appliances. However, partial jobs entail replacing or modifying a few parts of the room, such as flooring, countertop, etc. If you renovate the half-bath or powder room entirely, it will take about USD $1500-4000. When you partially tweak it, the cost comes to USD $1200-1800.

Similarly, a 3/4th or small bathroom modification costs USD $2500-6000 at full scale and USD $2000-2700 at a lower scale. Do you plan to do something about the guest bathroom? Keep aside USD $3500-10k for complete remodeling and USD $2800-5k for partial improvement.

When doing up a main bathroom, a partial makeover can easily cost around USD$8-20k and a full-scale USD $10-40k. You pay around USD $20-100k for a fully upscale bathroom and USD $10-50k for partial modification. Interestingly, most renovation projects focus on improving plumbing attachments, flooring, cabinetry, and appliances. Americans usually prefer rain showers, natural wood, double vanity sinks, energy-saving appliances, and unique marble countertops. All the upgrades are pricey. Again, one can categorize them as low, medium, and high levels.

In the lower end, you can get a shower for USD $2k, plumbing for USD $750, toilet for USD $100, bathtub for USD$300, cabinets for USD $250, paint for USD $150, and mirror for USD $20. Countertops, flooring, and vanity can cost USD$200 each. An average project can require spending USD $250-7k on different items. The most expensive part is plumbing, which costs around USD $7k. Of all the things, the paint may be the cheapest at USD $250. For each item, a high-end bathroom upgrade with similar replacements will vary from USD $350-20k. Again, plumbing will be the costliest at USD $20k, and paint will be most affordable at USD $350.

Whether ROI matters to you or not, taking care of humid and heated places like bathrooms is necessary for you and your home’s health. You can avoid dampness, a perfect environment for mildew and mold growth. Plus, you can enjoy your bathing rituals better.



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