Do you know the CNC machine tool and its working principle?

A machine tool is a processing equipment that uses cutting tools to process parts. It includes all kinds of machines that can be used individually or as a group. The main components of the machine tool are the frame, worktable, guide device, and spindle system.

First, understand the characteristics of the machine tool and its components.

Before we talk about the working principle of CNC machine tools, let’s first understand what a machine tool is and its components.

A machine tool is a mechanical device used to produce parts. It consists of several components:

Table – this is where workpieces are positioned during machining; it moves up-and-down and back-and-forth along an axis perpendicular to the spindle axis (the X axis). The table may also tilt 45 degrees in both directions relative to the horizontal plane; this allows you to cut angled surfaces on your workpiece if necessary. The table slides on rails mounted underneath it so it can move freely but smoothly without vibration or jerky stops when you want them, not too fast but not too slow!

What is a machine tool? 

A machine tool is a processing equipment that uses cutting tools to process parts. It can be used in manufacturing and other industries, such as mining, metallurgy, and construction.

The primary purpose of this tool is to make products with high precision and high quality.

Does the machine tool have a component?

Do you know the CNC machine tool and its working principle?

The CNC machine tool is an essential part of the manufacturing process. It can be used for cutting, drilling, milling, and other functions. Cutting tools are used to form various materials such as metal, plastic, and wood into different shapes according to customers’ needs. The essential components of a typical CNC machine include the following:

The following is an introduction to these components

The following is an introduction to these components.

Machine tool frame: The machine tool frame is a rigid structure that supports all other parts of the CNC machine tool. It must be tough enough to withstand heavy loads and maintain its position during operation yet light enough for easy handling and transportation.

Worktable: The worktable is supported by four legs attached to the base plate with bolts or screws (depending on whether it’s cast iron or steel). The height of each leg can be adjusted independently from one another as well as from a horizontal level using locking knobs at its top end. These allow fine adjustment within limits determined by size variations among workpieces machined simultaneously on different sides of the same table surface area using multiple tools mounted in pairs upon two opposite ends.”

Machine tool frame

The machine tool frame is the main body of a CNC machine tool. It is made of high-strength steel and has a rectangular box shape with four sections:

The front section (right side)

The rear compartment (left side)

The upper section (top part)

Lower section (bottom part).


Worktable: Worktable is the main working surface of the machine tool, which can be equipped with a fixed table, a sliding table, a rotatable table, and other types of tables. The worktable is usually set or moveable.

Guide device

The guide device is a guiding device that guides the cutting tool to move in a straight line. It is usually the main component of the machine tool. The guide device has a variety of forms, such as the guide rail, guide rail, guide rod, and so on.

Spindle box and spindle system

The spindle box and system are two essential parts of a CNC machine tool. The spindle box is the housing of the spindle, and it connects to your machine’s frame. It can be either fixed or adjustable, depending on what kind of work you’ll be doing with your CNC machine tool.

The spindle system consists of three main components:

1) A collet chuck (also known as an ER collet)

2) A faceplate

3) A workpiece holder

Feeding mechanism

Feedback device

The feed mechanism is an essential part of any CNC machine tool. It consists of a motor that drives the spindle and moves its table up and down. A sensor monitors the position of this table and sends feedback information to a controller, which then controls the speed at which it moves up or down.

Tool magazine and tool post

Tool magazine: The tool magazine is a storage device for tools so that the tools can be loaded and unloaded anytime. It can store a large number of tools with different functions simultaneously.

Tool post: The tool post is a device used to support the tool. The tool post comprises two parts: one part is fixed in the machine table, while another move along with it when moving or turning around.

Do you know how a machine works?

If you don’t, here’s a quick introduction: A machine tool is processing equipment that uses cutting tools to process parts. The machine tool comprises a frame, worktable, guide device, spindle box, spindle system, feeding mechanism, tool magazine, and tool post.

In the end

We hope that you have a better understanding of the machine tool and its components. This knowledge will help you understand better how the machine works and decide which is right for your business.

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