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Do unto others as you would have them do unto you: Zale Mortgage Gives Back After Reshaping Its Industry

Zale Mortgage

You are probably familiar with the aphorism “what goes around comes around”. Or maybe “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”. These are both lessons that age old shrewd companies abide by. Zale Mortgage, a reputable agency under the leadership of a generous Nathan Zale, makes giving back to good causes a great priority when it comes to company profits. As for why he gives to organizations like St Judes Children’s Hospital, Nathan revealed that he believes that when we care for children, we take care of the future. Additionally, Nathan also gives to organizations closer to home like the Chicago Association of Realtors. Nate was once a realtor on the breadline before launching his successful network of marketing systems hosting over 1,100 customers, one being Zale Mortgage. 

However, to fund these good causes, the agency must remain profitable, and not just in the short run. Long term and stable profitability helps Nathan continue to help great causes, but to establish strong cash flow to support this, you have to tackle a consistent problem in an industry, and solve it well. For mortgage professionals, that consistent problem is usually leads, and on a deeper level, following up with leads. Zale Mortgage crushed the competition to see over 100 requests per day for their services for not only solving this problem, but allegedly solving it more efficiently, at a more affordable pricing model, and with greater ROI than any other service provider on the market. Naturally, one would ask the question – How? 

At its root, this boils down to the agency’s Lending Authority™, their advertising platform for mortgage professionals. The platform is capable of their trademarked “In-Market Prospect Latching Technology™”, which on your behalf, scrapes through home buyer networks and social platforms to identify high quality leads for your business. The technology then latches on to those who are actively looking at your competitors, or a local officer, lender or broker. The Lending Authority™ comes with a guarantee of 3 to over 5 loan deals to your pipeline monthly, a showcase of Zale’s confidence in their trademarked, innovative, and ROI producing technology. 3-5 loan deals could be a significant sum for you, but that’s only if the deals are of good enough quality for you to close on. With that in mind, after researching more on Zale Mortgage, we found that they promise that each lead is qualified based on credit, budget & timeframe, and even better? You can add in your own benchmarks of a quality lead and Zale will abide by them. And if they don’t deliver? You receive your money back – the one time fee paid for their services, alongside an additional $1,500. 

One of the ways the IPL technology™ does the searching and latching of leads is using popular social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Google, Youtube and Linkedin – platforms that Zale is partners with. To be specific, they are premier marketing partners of Google, a Facebook marketing partner and a Linkedin pro finder. These are qualifications that are only accredited to high spenders and successful advertisers. Zale’s claim to fame and rise to popularity is very much down to their personal and successful advertisements promoting their platform for mortgage professionals. It’s important to note, that following the lead generation, Zale stands out with praises from clients on their website for how easily it allows users to follow-up with leads and stay top of mind. As the fortune is in the follow-up, they consistently position you as the “Lending Authority” that leads should connect with throughout the prospecting and closing process. 

Zale abides by the guiding principles of giving back. While providing a great service and building a strong 1,100 customer base, they make sure to do their part as a profitable agency and give back to good causes. What do they get in return for that? Fulfillment perhaps. But what they do know is that individual lives have definitely benefited from them. If you want to learn from a successful agency who understands basic principles like giving first before receiving, Zale Mortgage and its Founder, Nathan Zale, are great examples. And if you’re a mortgage pro (local officer, lender or broker) who’d like to secure more profits, knowing you’re in safe hands, Zale Mortgage would be a great choice. It’s for these guiding principles of reciprocity that they’ll likely lead the market for the foreseeable future. And we’ll continue to see great causes thrive with their support in tune with the old adage “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”. 

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