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Do Small Businesses Need the Same Tech Services as Enterprises?

Do small businesses need the same tech services as Enterprises? The short answer is “no” but let’s take a closer look at what small businesses actually need and how those needs might differ from those of larger companies.

Small Business Technology Services for Small Businesses

Small businesses definitely have less money to work with than bigger enterprises so small company owners need technology that performs well and isn’t going to cost much. One big difference between small and large businesses is the number of employees: small companies only have a few while large companies can have thousands or more, especially in an enterprise. That impacts the amount of equipment needed as well as what the different equipment does.

For starters, commercial grade routers provide high speed connectivity to internal servers and external websites. The small number of users that a small business has means the internet connection needs to be quite fast so small businesses will need a commercial grade router with fast connections, small enterprises can get away with a small business router.

In addition, small businesses don’t have information technology departments so they need technology that’s easy to use and set up without extra help. Larger enterprises are able to dedicate information technology people to maintaining their network and equipment which isn’t necessary for small companies. While a larger company might use an enterprise level data backup system, small businesses would only really need something simple that performs well but isn’t going to cost much money or take up too much space like small business data backup systems from Ascent Data or other small business service provider.


Overall, small businesses definitely need different tech services than large enterprises although both small and large companies can benefit from technology designed specifically for small business needs by providers like Ascent Data .


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