Do Not Run Short Of Cool Corporate Birthday Gift Ideas

Your employees keep your business running. They are invaluable to the success of your enterprise; therefore, they deserve more than just a salary. To make your employees feel valued and appreciated, why not gift them during their birthdays?

With the best birthday gift ideas, your employees will feel more than just a statistic in your company. They will feel that they work in a place that truly values them. Customer-facing teams like marketing, sales, and customer service can have improved productivity and job satisfaction if the company takes time to celebrate milestones like anniversaries, birthdays, and promotions using gifts.

If you want to show your employees that they matter, consider these birthday gift ideas. The perfect gift is just as good as great benefits and a competitive salary.

1. Personalized Gifts

If you want to create a special connection with your employees, you should send personalized gifts. Consider something that reflects the hobbies and professional interests of an employee. A unique and personalized gift will go a long way. Why not send something simple with the employee’s name?

  • A cute, personalized mug will work wonders. The mug can have the employee’s first name and an interesting quote or illustration. This is an inexpensive gift that will probably be used every day. When the employee looks at the mug when drinking coffee, they will think about your brand.
  • A box of customized pencils is another idea. A set can have 12 pencils, which have different colors. The pencils can be customized with an employee’s name, a fun insider joke, or an inspiring quote.

2. Something They Can Munch

Most people love eating and your employees are not an exception. Something sweet will be a welcome gift for an employee who has a birthday.

  • They are a wide range of sweets and treats that you can choose from. Consider gourmet nuts, cookies, cupcakes, and fresh fruit. What about smoked and fresh meat? Ensure that your gift is allergen-friendly and tailored to the dietary considerations of the recipient.

3. Something That Will Make Their Work Easier

Work is not easy; therefore, a gift that will make work easier will be appreciated. What about a comfortable seat cushion for a gift? This will especially be helpful for a home office if an employee works remotely. This gift will make sitting down more comfortable and improve posture, which will boost productivity.

  • A noise-canceling headphone is another idea. It is a practical gift that will facilitate less distraction when working in a noisy office. It can be personalized with the employee’s name.

4. Font Selection

With a softer look than many slab serif fonts, the Office Font is an ideal choice for use in titles and logos. It is a pretty slab serif typeface, as well as a logotype, that would look fantastic on elegant titles. American Typewriter Medium uses this typeface on the logo.

It is a series of action-adventure games developed in 1997, based on the Grand Theft Auto series. The game is popular worldwide and players are given the opportunity to perform free tasks within the game, such as assassinations and band robberies.

After the release of the Grand Theft Auto III series, a decorative logo has been featured on the “Grand Theft Auto” text. This decorative logo was used since the release of the Grand Theft Auto series. GTA font is also good for Gifts.

5. Something For The Desk

Whether working in the office or at home, your employees will spend a good percentage of their working hours on a desk.

  • What about a fun desk gift like desk plants and flowers? These will liven up the desk space. They will be a source of inspiration.
  • A stylish wireless charger is another idea. It will make it easier, faster, and more convenient to charge several devices.

6.  Consider Their Favorite Drink

If an employee has a favorite drink, you should consider using it as a gift. Choose from a wide variety of tequilas, champagnes, and wines, depending on your employees’ preferences. To make the gift more special, opt for custom bottle engraving.

7. You Can Never Go Wrong with The World’s Best Teas and Coffees

Gifting your employee with a subscription to a tea club that allows them to enjoy teas from the best tea-growing countries might be all that you need to make their day. What about a Starbucks gift card? The value of the gift card ranges from $5 to $500.

8. Flowers Will Make Your Employees Feel Appreciated

Flowers are not only for Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day. If you want to make an employee feel appreciated during their birthday, you can send them beautifully arranged flowers from a local flower delivery service.

  • A bouquet will not cost much but it will touch someone’s heart in a way that other gifts cannot do. Humans have a special connection to flowers.

9. Leather Gifts are Memorable

If you have some money to spare, consider gifting a leather accessory. A beautiful full-grain leather accessory such as a keychain, business card case, or luggage tag, will make someone feel special.

  • You should find a leather gift that fits your budget. This is the perfect gift for that hardworking employee who is very committed to your business.

10. Gift Hampers

Take your game to the next level with a corporate gift hamper. Stuff your hamper with award-winning cheeses, sumptuous snacks, and luxury chocolates. Don’t forget to include drinks such as wine, champagne, beer, spirits, and cider.

  • Reward your loyal employees with unique and inspirational gift hampers during their birthdays. A gift hamper can be personalized with the company name and logo.

The Bottom-Line

Offering employees competitive salaries, bonuses, paid vacation, and other benefits, makes them stay for the long haul. However, unexpected gestures such as birthday gifts make them feel valued. Engaged and appreciated employees make the office a great place to spend time in and they are highly productive.

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