Do Dogs Actually Like Day Care? Here’s The Truth

Many dog owners struggle with the decision to leave their furry friend in day care while they are at work. While some dogs seem to enjoy the social interaction and stimulation, others appear to be stressed and unhappy. So, what is the truth about dogs and day care? In this article, we explore whether dogs like day care.

Do Dogs Get Lonely?

Dogs are social animals and thrive on companionship and interaction with both humans and other animals. When left alone for extended periods, dogs may become bored, anxious, or depressed, which can lead to destructive behaviour, excessive barking, or other negative behaviors. It’s important for dog owners to provide their pets with adequate socialization and mental stimulation, including regular exercise, playtime, and social interaction with other dogs and humans. Doggy daycare, dog walkers, and other forms of socialization can also help prevent loneliness and promote a happy, healthy pet.

The Benefits of Day Care for Dogs

Doggy daycare can offer numerous benefits for dogs, including socialization, exercise, and mental stimulation. The opportunity to play with other dogs and interact with new people can help prevent boredom and keep them mentally and physically stimulated.

Signs Your Dog Enjoys Day Care

There are several signs that your dog is enjoying day care, including a wagging tail, play bows, and a relaxed body posture. If your dog is happily interacting with other dogs and staff, it is a good indicator that they are enjoying their time at day care.

Other signs that your dog is enjoying day care may include:

Excitement at Arrival: If your dog gets excited and eager to enter the facility, it’s a good indication that they enjoy the environment and the activities.

Tiredness After Pick-Up: A day full of fun activities and social interaction will often tire out dogs, so if your dog seems happy but sleepy after pick-up, it’s a good sign they had a fun day.

Increased Appetite: Some dogs may be too anxious or nervous to eat in a new environment, so if your dog has a good appetite after day care, it’s a positive sign that they felt comfortable and happy.

Staff Interaction: If the staff interacts well with your dog, giving them treats or praise, it indicates that they are enjoying their time with the staff.

Overall, paying attention to your dog’s behavior and body language can give you a good indication of their enjoyment of day care, and a happy dog is a sign of a positive and enriching experience.

Dogs That Don’t Like Day Care

Unfortunately, not all dogs enjoy day care. Some dogs may become stressed or anxious in a new environment, especially if they are shy or have had negative experiences in the past. Signs that your dog is not enjoying day care include hiding, growling, barking, or showing signs of fear.

The Importance of a Good Fit

It is important to find a day care that is a good fit for your dog and their personality. Look for a day care that has experienced staff, a clean and safe environment, and a manageable number of dogs. Also, consider a day care that offers a trial period, allowing you to observe your dog’s behaviour and determine if it is a good fit.


In conclusion, whether dogs like day care or not depends on the individual dog and the day care centre. While some dogs thrive in the social and stimulating environment, others may become stressed or unhappy. It is important to find a day care that is a good fit for your dog and their personality, ensuring that they have a positive experience while you are away.

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