DNotes : The Global Digital Currency and The Future of Money.

With bitcoin’s creating in 2008, it fundamentally changed how people looked at finance and monetary transactions. The increased speed, efficiency, and lower transaction cost have made cryptocurrencies the choice of hundreds of thousands of people. Over the years, hundreds of alternatives have arisen, each offering to cover the problems with previous incarnations of digital money.

DNotes is a digital, decentralized currency based on the blockchain technology. It allows people to connect directly, without the need for a central bank or a financial institution, through its peer 2 peer network to transfer money. Unlike most other cryptocurrencies, which are designed to rewrite the whole concept of financial systems, DNotes is a cryptocurrency actually based on sound business principles in a way that it complements and improves the current situation, rather than creating a completely new ecosystem.

What Problem is DNotes solving?

Digital monies were created to bring power and control over personal finances back in the hands of the public. Blockchain has certainly empowered people, but one after another, different iterations of cryptos have failed to deliver on the promise of making money truly free from the clutches of modern banking systems.

There are two major reasons for cryptocurrencies failing to be strong enough to challenge and replace fiat:

  • Small Vision: Even with being far more efficient and faster than traditional fiat, cryptocurrencies are still too small in scale to replace fiat and still have to see mass adoption due to this.
  • Fluctuating Prices: Cryptocurrencies are notorious for their volatile nature when it comes to value. For example, it is perfectly normal for bitcoin to lose or gain a couple of hundred dollars worth of value in a day.

DNotes intends to solve this issue and finally give cryptocurrency the place and position it deserves.

How DNotes Works

DNotes is a complex ecosystem that creates a positive feedback loop for rapid growth and deployment. The platform acts as a:

  • Cryptographic Payment Network: Using blockchain’s famous cryptocurrency concept, the platform has a peer to peer payment system that uses its native digital money as a mean of exchange, transfer, and store of value. Cryptocurrencies are faster and better than fiat, but the integration of cryptos in the real world is a hiccup. Exchanging currencies, especially with fiat, day to day payments and sellers accepting cryptos are just a few of the issues being faced. DNotes covers this with creating a vertically integrated payment ecosystem. DNotes integrates a decentralized exchange, marketplace, fiat support banking, multicurrency cards and much more.
  • Blockchain Service Provider: Another issue faced by today’s organizations and firms is that they do not have the manpower or the technical expertise to run their own blockchain systems. DNotes provides different levels of solutions, including on turnkey bases. DNotes tailored blockchain solutions allow companies and third-party developers to concentrate on their core objective, such as programming their system and apps, while DNotes takes care of the blockchain deployment end.

How DNotes Began

DNotes was started by Alon Yong and his team when they realized that cryptocurrencies were not fulfilling their roles. Bitcoin, the first cryptocurrency, started a revolution. Giving power over the control of their own money, the decentralized currency has forced traditional banking and financial systems to reevaluate their positions.

Yet, with more than 1,600 digital currencies, growing by the day and each claiming to be the next de facto currency, none have been able to fulfill that role. This is primarily due to the fact that these currencies are designed to create a whole new ecosystem in order to compete with fiat systems and between themselves. DNotes is made to fulfill the role cryptos have not been able to. With its vertical integrated ecosystem that connects with the traditional systems.

The team is led by Mr. Alan Yong, the  CEO. Theodore Joseph is the Chief Technical Officer who is a tech innovator with nearly 2 decades of experience under his belt. Timothy Goggin is their main blockchain specialist who is also a Director and the public face of DNotes.

The team has a vast array of experts and other members that handle the non-technical aspects of the organization such as Brandon Cheliak, the education director and Cindy Williams, the financial and planning person.

Investing in DNotes

DNotes, like every other cryptocurrency, will definitely be a positive means of investment. But, unlike others, it will not falter and die off. With its unique system of integrating traditional financial systems and offering blockchain services to the corporate sector, it will stand out from the crowd. Another one of a kind service, such as cold storage staking ensures that there will always be a way to increase the investment made on this platform. Hopefully, any investment made on the platform will result in a positive outcome.

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