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Dmitry Gordovich and the Charity Projects of BBR Bank

Today, businesses of all sizes strive to make a meaningful contribution to public welfare. Corporate social responsibility in the financial sector is especially strong. The charity projects of BBR Bank are managed by Dmitry Gordovich. Owing to his efforts, dozens of programs have been successfully launched. They are aimed at supporting children’s and youth sports organizations, orphanages, veteran associations, and charitable foundations that help children with severe and incurable diseases.

Charity Projects of BBR Bank

Happy Childhood

In 2014, at the suggestion of Dmitry Gordovich, BBR Bank joined the Change One Life project, launched by the foundation of the same name. The initiative aims to reduce the number of children left without parental care in state institutions. As part of the program, a portal was launched that publishes video questionnaires of orphans. These materials help potential adoptive parents find the children that would be the best match for them and facilitate decision-making.

During the ten years that the bank has supported the project, thousands of children have found their families. BBR Bank not only sends donations to the foundation but also offers its clients an easy way to support this initiative. Since 2018, anyone who opens the Change One Life deposit can improve the lives of young children in orphanages. The bank automatically transfers a portion of the interest income to the program that helps orphaned children find loving families. In 2024, BBR Bank has increased the rates for this deposit.

Another recipient of the BBR Bank’s financing is the Nizhny Novgorod Charitable Foundation. The Foundation helps seriously ill children in the treatment and rehabilitation of cerebral palsy. During almost twenty years of work, it has made life easier for several hundred kids. The Bank opened an office in Nizhny Novgorod in 2013 and has been contributing to regional social projects since then.

Assistance to Veterans and Older People

The bank does not forget about the representatives of the older generation either. One of its programs focuses on supporting veterans of the scientific production organization Energomash. The plant was founded in 1929. It specializes in the production and assembly of engines for satellites and spacecraft of various classes. Additional funding helps the Board of Veterans of Energomash to organize holidays, meetings, and excursions for the oldest employees and buy them gifts.

As the curator of the social programs of BBR Bank, Dmitry Gordovich took the initiative to help the Eva charity public organization in St. Petersburg. It was created 35 years ago by a group of activists of the Jewish community. Today, Eva unites more than two thousand people. Its projects are aimed at helping lonely elderly individuals, introducing youngsters to Jewish culture, and preserving the memory and continuity of generations.

Programs and initiatives of the charity organization:

  • Patronage assistance to lonely people in need of constant care
  • Daycare center with a club, library, training courses, and activities
  • Online leisure programs
  • Art school, children’s choir, dance theater, and summer camp.

At the suggestion of Dmitry Gordovich, whose biography is closely connected with St. Petersburg, the bank became one of the trustees of the Kurortny boarding house. It is located in the vicinity of the city. Elderly people who need round-the-clock care live there. The boarding house offers a comfortable and secure environment for older people. It has organized dietary nutrition and constant medical supervision for its residents. Wellness and cultural events are held there. The bank’s charitable funds make it possible to increase the amount of subsidies to compensate for the cost of staying in Kurortny for low-income residents of the city and region.

Biographical Information

Dmitry Gordovich is an entrepreneur and top manager. He was born on May 20, 1969 in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. In 2001, he graduated from the St. Petersburg Institute of Modern Economics and Technology with a degree in Management. Dmitry Gordovich’s work biography began with business. He launched a startup for the production of ingredients for the meat processing and confectionery industries. He managed to turn his small company into one of the leaders in its segment. Dmitry Gordovich has been working at BBR Bank since 2007. Initially, he worked as an advisor to the manager for the development of the client business. Now, he is a member of the Board of Directors.

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