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Doev Dmitry Vitalievich – Senior manager and current General Director of the VIS Group

Dmitry Doev

Dmitry Doev was born in Leningrad in 1966. His father was a professor and researcher in the natural sciences: he taught students at the Saint Petersburg State Transport University in Russia (then known as Leningrad Institute of Railway Engineers). Young Dmitry Doev studied at a school with an enhanced mathematics discipline and was also interested in physics. Dmitry Doev chose a technical university to continue his education: he studied Dynamics and Strength of Materials at the Leningrad Polytechnic University (then it was called the Kalinin Polytechnic Institute). He received his diploma in 1989. 

Dmitry Doev acquired his first work experience in a research institute. Then he tried himself as a researcher and professor. For about three years, he worked as an assistant at the department of his alma mater before concluding that teaching was not his calling. Dmitry Doev decided to change his course radically, and he went into business.

Starting in 1993, Doev did business with several large industrial enterprises in Saint Petersburg. He engaged in several collaborative projects with Gazprom. In 2004, Dmitry Doev’s biography was already replete with practical experience. Because of this, Doev Dmitry received an offer to head one of Gazprom’s key divisions. The management’s decision to entrust Doev Dmitry with this highly responsible work brought results: he successfully restructured the company’s assets.

Doev Dmitry Vitalievich received another promotion in 2008 when he became head of Centerenergogaz, Gazprom’s maintenance and repair unit, which saw to such needs in all Gazprom’s facilities. The up-and-coming business leader also supervised the construction of new gas distribution stations all across Russia. He completed his work with Gazprom in 2019.

In 2021, the Dmitry Doev biography now included solid managerial experience. This fact led to him receiving an offer to head the VIS Group. As General Director, Dmitry Doev led VIS Group and immediately began to reform and improve its operations, drastically increasing its effectiveness in projects all across Russia, particularly in Siberia and the Far East. VIS Group specializes in constructing transport and social infrastructure facilities on a public-private partnership basis (PPP) between local businesses and the Russian State. Under his leadership, VIS Group has implemented many significant projects supporting and developing the vast Russian frontier.

Dmitry Doev positions the VIS Group as a reliable partner, investing its funds in the construction of roads, medical facilities, bridges, and other infrastructure facilities necessary for the country’s inhabitants.

In July 2022, the Dmitry Doev VIS Group opened the new Khabarovsk Bypass. Now VIS Group is building a highway in the Moscow suburbs – the Mytishchi connector. Dmitry Doev emphasizes that the VIS Group financed 80% of this project’s costs.

The VIS Group holding is currently building a new automobile bridge in Novosibirsk. This work is in full swing: in March 2023, the central support tower was completed. In addition, VIS Group is constructing bridges in the Kaliningrad region and Yakutia.

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