Diversity: Embrace it, Share it, Celebrate it.


Diversity (noun): the practice or quality of including or involving people from a range of different social and ethnic backgrounds and of different genders, sexual orientations, etc.

Finding good in everything is a humanistic trait. People belonging to progressive societies are always seen improving themselves and are open to newness. Their curious nature of exploring foreign areas enabled them to migrate and leave their hometowns for good. Settling into a new area diversifies the culture of that city or country. This is one of the major reasons for increasing diversity in the metropolitans.

While some warmly welcome the new members of their society, a few remain unaccepting of the change.

Romail Gulzar is an active journalist and the CEO and founder of the Pukaar Group. Being a person of color and a permanent resident of the UK, he wants other ethnicities to be respected and accepted too.

Every now and then, cases of hatred and racism are seen surfacing on news platforms. Although the world is labelled a ‘global village,’ there remain a few rigid people who do not embrace diversity. To revolutionize their opinions and thoughts, Romail leaves no stone unturned to state his perspective. As a multi-award-winning journalist, he offers a leading voice in efforts to propel diversity within the media industry. Gulzar has made significant contributions to the East Midlands business sector, helped develop local communities, and has contributed coverage of both locally and globally pertinent news.

Introducing Romail Gulzar, A Contributor to the Well-Being of the Society

Romail Gulzar is an experienced journalist working in the industry for almost two decades. He holds a National Diploma in television and journalism from South Leicestershire College.

He stepped into the professional world as a video journalist for ITV, and everything went uphill from there. Exposed to world news and presenting and speaking on various bold and intimidating subjects, Gulzar became confident with his speech and opinions. He worked in the broadcasting field for a few years until he gained momentum to start his own venture. He had been vocal about embracing diversity since the very beginning. This led to the launch of the Pukaar Group. It is a global mass-media company that embodies its central vision to unify people of all backgrounds in celebration of shared values and aspirations. Pukaar Group provides a wide range of products and services to a customer base ranging from local businesses to international corporate brands. As well as providing broadcast-quality content to some of the world’s leading media organisations, it also offers a host of commercial media and communication products and services.

He believes that diversity opens the door to new ideas and experiences. It increases the interaction among people of different backgrounds and cultivates feelings of empathy and helpfulness. Diversity improves perspective, which leads to better problem-solving. In short, it opens dialogues and promotes creativity. Having such an adaptive mindset enabled Romail to take a step forward and expand his brand by adding a news site, “Pukaar News,” and printed publication “Pukaar Magazine.” As his first independent endeavour, Pukaar News has gained massive success and has become a leading online news provider based in the Midlands. The news site covers local and international news, engaging with human interest community stories alongside current affairs involving political, cultural, and social issues of global significance. It has also distributed its stories to many mainstream broadcasters, including the BBC and ITV. Due to its tremendous work, Pukaar News was shortlisted as a finalist for Best Local Newspaper at the Asian Media Awards.

In addition to being an active media personality, Romail has expanded his portfolio by contributing to society.

He founded Leicester’s premier talent competition, Leicester’s Got Talent, which encourages and celebrates gifted local youth. The competition is currently in its eighth year and has seen previous winners go on to further success. Romail’s passion for celebrating diversity and rich Asian culture then led to the formation of three hugely successful Awards events. Romail laid the foundation of the Leicester Curry Awards and Toronto Curry Awards – two prestigious events celebrating the vibrant food culture. The success of these events inspired Romail’s next venture, National Samosa Week, which gained global press coverage and successfully encouraged the celebration of the all-time favourite Asian snack. He did not stop here and went on to establish the Ethnic Media Awards – a flagship awards programme for professionals from a minority ethnic background.

Gulzar’s efforts to bring a revolution and broaden people’s horizons has been recognized by many reputable platforms. Over the years, he has won numerous titles, including “The Nationwide Awards for Voluntary Endeavour” in 2005 and “Outstanding Contribution Award for the Community Work In Leicester”, from the Lord Mayor of Leicester in 2013. He also received the “Award of Honor” from the Pakistan Minorities Rights Organisation in 2012 for representing Pakistani Christians in the UK as a media representative.

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