Diversify your portfolio with KuCoin Token (KCS), Mehracki (MKI), and NEAR Protocol (NEAR) 

Selection of cryptocurrency assets that have diverse use cases can help in times of downturn especially if one particular sector is experiencing negative returns as the returns from other assets can help in overcoming a total loss. 

We have selected three diverse cryptocurrency tokens that could potentially generate huge returns. These three cryptos are KuCoin Token (KCS), Mehracki (MKI), and NEAR Protocol (NEAR).

KuCoin Token (KCS) achieves $1 trillion in trading volume

The KuCoin exchange has achieved a record $1 trillion in terms of trading volume, a rare feat and it could potentially lead to a price spike for the KCS Token. 

The KCS Token is used as the native coin of the KuCoin exchange which has registered an increase of 451% in its active user base.  Holding the KCS Token provides discounts of up to 80% in trading fees on the KuCoin exchange.  Users are also entitled to receive attractive airdrops and exclusive early access to tokens launched on the platform. 

The KCS Token could potentially generate huge returns as the exchange is known for security and low transaction costs. 

Travel securely and save with the Mehracki Token (MKI)

The Mehracki Token (MKI) could help users in getting a fair price as it seeks to serve as a direct channel between users and business owners for processing transactions. The MKI Token will be used to power hotel businesses and will bring down the costs of travel in the future. 

Business owners will be able to use the MKI Token to process transactions quickly since it is powered bytravelerstravellers.

Hotel owners and tour operators will be able to create NFTs on the Mehracki platform to provide exclusive access or customized tours for their users. 

NFTs could also be used to reward users and will reflect the number of rewards collected. In the future, owners of NFTs and MKI Tokens will get voting power as the network is DAO governed.

Users will be able to decide on all matters concerning the future of the Mehracki platform.  Holding the MKI token will allow users to stake and earn additional rewards by adding liquidity. Access to pools will be decentralized and will be decided by the community. 

NEAR Protocol (NEAR) registers 10M accounts

The NEAR Protocol (NEAR) has announced the achievement of 10 million accounts on its network. As the protocol registers new users, it will lead to more usage and adoption of the NEAR Token as it is used to pay for transactions inside the ecosystem. 

The NEAR Protocol team has also reaffirmed its commitment to the African region by launching a Kenyan regional hub that will help developers build on the Near blockchain network. 

NEAR Protocol has emerged as a leading provider for developers looking to deploy and make use of NFTs in the music and sports industry. 

It is also widely preferred by DeFi investors due to its highly secure network. It has recently partnered with Stack sports to make NFTs more accessible in the field of sports. 

Adding the three tokens above could lead to a highly diversified portfolio for generating potentially high returns. All three coins target different sectors and owning them could help in realizing potentially huge gains in the future if the ecosystem can deliver on its road map.

However, ensure you research a token to find out about its utility and the road map to decide if it matches your investment horizon and expectations.     

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