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Distracted Driving in Chicago and its Legal Implications

In Chicago, distracted driving causes hundreds of thousands of accidents, tens of thousands of injuries, and hundreds of deaths. It occurs when a driver is not keen while on the road due to distractions in their mind, which could be from their immediate or different environment. 

Some of the common causes of distractions during driving are talking on the phone, texting, talking to other people in the car, drinking or eating while driving, tuning the radio, reading, daydreaming, and personal grooming. Texting and talking on the phone tops the list of distracted driving accidents in Chicago, posing significant risks to oneself and others. Someone who tries to check their phone for an incoming message while the car is moving at 50 miles per hour will cover more than 100 meters without being keen on the road. 

What does the Law Say? 

Although Chicago has no stringent law on distracted driving, local authorities have tried to minimize the number of accidents by introducing the handheld devices ban. The law bans drivers from holding their devices using their hands while on the road. However, using hands-free devices when talking on 5he phone while driving is legal. Violating the legislation is a crime and attracts fines; still, the party can sue you for negligence in a court of law, and you’ll need the services of an experienced lawyer to navigate through it successfully. 

Remedy for Distracted Driving Accident 

If you or someone else is a victim of a distracted driving accident, it would help to get a remedy for the injuries since someone else is at fault. Sometimes, the accidents can be fatal or permanently affect a person. However, a distracted driving attorney can assist in seeking compensation for such accidents. They can help establish the claims and determine the case merits to ensure you get a fitting remedy for a distracted driving accident. 

The cases resemble car accident lawsuits, as an attorney must establish the liabilities and damages. They are challenging to win, but an experienced distracted driving lawyer can prove the other party’s role in the accident, making them liable for the suffering. They can develop a strong case by evaluating all grounds and seeking proper compensation. It looks at the immediate and future needs, focusing on complete recovery from injuries. 

An attorney should work closely with clients and communicate openly in distracted driving cases. The objective is to represent their client and protect their interests. Claims can seek compensation for ongoing treatment and future medical needs, pain and suffering, loss of income, and the ability to get earnings in the future. 

The Final Words 

Avoiding distracted driving accidents is easy, as motorists must avoid distractions that may make them lose focus. Passengers can play their part by speaking up whenever a driver is not keen on the road or engages in activities that distract them from driving. Also, it is helpful to teach new drivers, especially the current generation, about the importance of not texting or talking on the phone while driving. By playing your part, ypu can prevent loss of lives or costly lawsuits. 

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