Disrupting the Metaverse Economy With “Earn-Without-Playing” Concept: Interview with CEO of Battle Saga

Interview with CEO of Battle Saga

In 2022, NFT gaming is anticipated to become one of the most lucrative industries in the blockchain. The transformation already seeped into gaming with blockchain is hard to underrate: from merely being an alluring leisure-time treat, gaming evolved to become a sophisticated industry trailblazer – opening the door into the marvelous world of Metaverse and spreading unique NFT collectibles is only a small pinch of its recent breakthroughs. Thanks to blockchain, gaming went as far as to become the independent income-generating activity, which, in some particular cases, can grow out to be a substitute for a full-time job; this fact alone gives gaming enough ground to take the place of worship in the new formula of decentralized economy.

While the scenario of generating monetary rewards without making any effort might seem surrealistic a few years back, this concept became more ubiquitous in DeFi thanks to the idea of yield farming. However, this trend had not rooted itself in the field of gaming yet – up until the innovative Battle Saga worked hard into making this happen. Being the pioneer of the concept “Earn-Without-Playing”, this strategic Metaverse game strongly advocates the idea of passive income independent of whether the player is actually engaged in a gaming activity. The whole essence of Battle Saga lies in the creation of its own users-owned virtual world: all characters, lands and infrastructure are capsulized in NFTs belonging to their creators with unique digital rights. The main novelty of Battle Saga consists in the game running 24/7: the system may proceed its independent existence without the player’s constant oversight, thanks to live-offence and pre-built-defence systems. NFT can also be acquired and exchanged, streamlining an additional active income flow. This way, Battle Saga steps at the forefront of Metaverse economy, the one propagating new ways of value generation, effortlessly and concern-free.

Being gripped by the transformative extent of Battle Saga proposition, we approached the CEO of the project to learn more about the concept, as well as expand our understanding of the gaming industry’s future.

Let’s begin with the first question: what was your main goal when establishing Battle Saga? Have you managed to actualize it?

Our main goal when establishing Battle Saga was to create a P2E game that prioritizes the general gaming experience over the earning aspect of the game. Most P2E games on the market right now focus too much on the earning part and often neglects the gaming experience provided. The team at Battle Saga is implementing a DAO governance system to overcome this issue. With the DAO system, the players are much more involved in the changes made in-game.

For anyone who never heard about Battle Saga before, how would you explain the game and its advantages?

Battle Saga is a next-gen metaverse game that makes use of an innovative DAO system, where players can earn without playing the game. If you’ve always wanted to earn while playing games but just haven’t had time to stay active on NFT games, then Battle Saga is the game for you. Players can earn an income without even playing the game with the pre-built defense mechanism. All successful defensive attempts are rewarded with $GOLD which can be liquidated into $BTL

Fundraising rounds of Battle Saga have been marked with astounding success, amounting to $3.44M investment. How did you manage to make it happen?

Battle Saga was able to have extremely successful fundraising rounds with the help of our partners despite the bleeding market. Our project is incubated by Oddiyana Ventures and with their help and guidance, we were able to secure a lot of big investors. Battle Saga has been blessed with a lot of big supporters and it is with their help that we have been able to dive headstrong into a successful fundraising round.

“Earn-Without-Playing” is certainly among the most industry-disruptive concepts; could you share what are the technical components that helped you to bring it to life?

Earn-Without-Playing is a fairly new concept in the Play-to-Earn world. In Battle Saga, this new gaming model is given life through the pre-built defense mechanism. The main gameplay of Battle Saga revolves around a live offense and a pre-built defense. The earn without playing concept goes hand in hand with the pre-built system. When a player is offline, any successful defensive attempt on another player’s attack will be rewarded with the in-game token $GOLD

What was the main challenge of creating a virtual world existing independently of the player’s active contribution – literally all around the clock?

Battle Saga has tremendous supporters via diverse social networks with both twitter and telegram followers over 70k+ and discord over 28k. So this wide range of audiences doesn’t really fail to cover throughout the clock and there have also been many events held where prospective game players have participated and enjoyed.  Since we are a team of global experienced intellectuals from all around the world; Europe, America, Vietnam, Korea, Thailand and India, the biggest challenge would be how to coordinate because of the time differences. However, with big minds with creativity, sacrifices and perseverance, we were able to rather take this adversity to our advantage and keep the work round the clock building and shaping this grand metaverse universe called Battle Saga. 

I know that the pivotal role within Battle Saga is given to the “tokenized patents”. How can those be advantageous for the users?

Historically in traditional games, the game developers and owners have the entire control of the game. But in Battle Saga, with the DAO system, game players actually get to voice out and help in the development process of the game. This also gives the players attachments to their games characters. 

‘Tokenized patents’ put more sugar on it. This uniqueness allows for an immutable and unalterable digital record, you literally own what you create in the game. Ultimately, this gives motivation for game players to see Battle Saga not just as a simple entertainment source but one’s own creativity platform where they are the real creators and own the game.

In your understanding, what are the elements the perfect play-to-earn NFT game has to be comprised of?

In my understanding, an ideal NFT game should maintain a proper balance between the earning aspect and the gameplay provided. Most games available on the market right now, have an overdeveloped earning aspect which outweighs the general gaming experience. Players should be able to enjoy the actual game plot and not be led through the game by the earning part of the game. Battle Saga will thrive to make sure that our game provides the best gaming experience for our players along with a proper revenue stream. 

I’ve heard your plans to expand the functionality of Battle Saga on Polygon Network. Out of all alternatives, why has your choice fallen on this specific blockchain?

We have chosen polygon over other networks due to its various advantages like faster transaction speeds which has almost little to no cost for transactions making it an attractive and also one of the leading chain to use especially for gamfi applications and gamers alike.

In general, what are your predictions for the industry’s future? Especially, how Metaverse is set to unfold further within the gaming industry?

With the growth of the metaverse and its implementation in P2E games, the NFTs and games on the blockchain will have the ability to create a third world economy where people can simply earn by playing games. The introduction of the metaverse into blockchain games will legitimize gaming as a proper career and the number of users will also skyrocket in the near future. The metaverse will take away authority from big companies and bring it back into the hands of users with the decentralization of the internet.

And finally – what’s your roadmap for 2022?

2022 has been a great start for Battle Saga and we have a lot more exciting events coming up. We are already working on bridging to Polygon and will have other chains integrated gradually. We will have our Land NFT and Hero NFT sales very soon enough in our own marketplace followed by the much-awaited game beta version. And then, we will be implementing a DAO system where we will be taking feedbacks and from which the community will take a huge role in how the game will be shaped. At the same time, we are and will be working non-stop to onboard as much partners as possible, not limited to GameFi projects but also any projects or Defi protocols to build our Metaverse Ecosystem, or the Digital Nation, so-to-say and reach our vision of every technologies and intellectuals, gamers and guilds, lenders and borrowers, literally every projects/games/protocols to co-exist altogether in our Metaverse.

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