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Disposable Egg Trays Market Outlook, Current And Future Industry Landscape Analysis

Disposable Egg Trays Market

In 2021, the disposable egg trays market is expected to increase by approximately 6% year over year, according to forecasts. According to a new FMI forecast, the market for disposable egg trays would nearly quadruple between 2021 and 2031.

Market Outlook for Disposable Egg Trays Worldwide

Disposable egg trays are composed of paper pulp and are used to keep eggs from poultry farms before being discarded. They are environmentally friendly and long-lasting because they are composed of paper pulp. They are not only environmentally friendly, but they also have a smooth finish and increased durability due to the thick multi-layers of paper pulp utilised as the packaging material for safeguarding and protecting eggs.

Disposable egg trays are not only excellent for keeping eggs, but they are also chosen by producers while transporting eggs due to their strong physical and barrier features. The cavities generated by the disposable egg tray forming machine make the disposable egg trays lightweight and easy to handle. For the preservation of the eggs during shipping, they have good external stress resistance.

What are the Major Trends Affecting the Market for Disposable Egg Trays?

In comparison to cardboard and other materials utilised in the past, the majority of disposable egg tray manufacturing companies now employ a substantial amount of recycled paper.

Recycled paper egg trays assist the environment as well as the consumer because they are less expensive than virgin paper egg trays. Recycled paper’s reusability encourages its widespread usage in the production of disposable egg trays rather than wasting and harming the environment.

How is the market for disposable egg trays being boosted by the demand for storage and transportation in poultry farms?

Molded fibre, cardboard, and other paper-related materials are used to make disposable egg trays. Moulded fibre provides a robust integrated framework for the egg trays, as well as the appropriate stiffness and rigidity, making the disposable egg tray shock-resistant during egg transport and hence favoured by many farmers and poultry businesses.

In comparison to plastic trays, moulded fibre has better air permeability and hygroscopic ability, which is important for egg storage.

What strategies are the major players using to grow their market share in the disposable egg tray market?

Disposable egg tray producers are expanding their manufacturing plants and launching new products.

Hartmann A/S, a Danish manufacturer of moulded fibre packaging for eggs, purchased Mohan Fibre Products Pvt. Ltd in January 2020 as part of its expansion into India.
Huhtamaki and their Brazilian fibre packaging team collaborated on a novel tray design in February 2019 that decreases egg breaking by making a better and stronger egg tray.

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