Disposable EEG Electrodes Market to Expand on the Back of Rising Incidence of HAIs Worldwide

Disposable EEG Electrodes Market

Because of increased incidences of neurological diseases, technological developments as well as an spike in the number of HAI (hospital acquired infection) cases all  throughout the world, demand for disposable EEG electrodes is expected to rise. One of the major reasons driving the global Disposable EEG Electrodes market is the rising prevalence of HAIs due to a lack of precaution and cleanliness in hospitals across the globe. The usage of disposable EEG electrodes lowers the possibility of HAI infection. They also aid in the prevention of bacterial and various other microbial diseases from invading the body of a patient. As a result, healthcare practitioners would choose disposable items to reusable products. These aspects are expected to drive the growth of the global disposable EEG electrodes market to new heights in the near future.

Rising Incidences of Neurological Disorders to Support Expansion of the Market 

Because of the increased incidence of neurological diseases throughout the world, a surge in the incidences of HAI cases, and technological developments, the demand for disposable EEG electrodes is projected to rise. One of the major reasons likely to drive the market growth is the rising prevalence of HAIs attributable to a lack of precautionary measures and cleanliness. The rise in the occurrence of HAIs as a result of the usage of reusable EEG electrodes is expected to drive market expansion.

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The rising prevalence of neurological disorders including dystonia, Parkinson’s, essential tremor, and epilepsy is a major driver of the global disposable EEG electrodes market. Neurological disorders account for 6.3 % of the global burden on healthcare, according to the World Health Organization. One of the leading causes of deaths globally is neurological illness. Because of the high  illness load and mortality rate, long-term treatments like magnetic brain stimulators are in high demand. In addition to that, as people become more aware of the prevalence of neurological diseases, the need for disposable EEG electrodes as a treatment option has grown.

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