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Discovering the Best Sources for Buying Used and New Industrial Equipment in the UAE

What are the best places for buying used and new industrial equipment in the UAE? How do I find them? If you’ve ever asked yourself this question, you’re just in the right place for answers. We’ve trawled the great reaches of the world wide web for hours on end and compiled opinions from multiple, high-profile reviews to save you all that legwork. We’ve searched high and low so that you don’t have to. Here are some of the best sources for buying industrial equipment, new or used, in the UAE. Take a look. 

  • IndustBay

IndustBay is an online industrial marketplace that connects buyers and sellers of various industrial equipment across the United Arab Emirates. They offer quite a rich depth of options for sellers, via a platform where parties can connect via direct message, call, or WhatsApp. 

Do you need a new hand tool for your workshop? Perhaps a piece of heavy-duty construction machinery such as a scissor lift or forklift to get your project going? You’re sure to find what you’re looking for on the IndustBay website. 

Some of IndustBay’s stand-out features that I have to mention include: 

  • Ability to narrow down industrial products by model, niche, or brand
  • Competitive pricing and offers compiled from thousands of sellers
  • Neat and well-organized user interface that’s appealing and easy to use 

Sellers on this platform are vetted and authenticated. More importantly, the platform includes multinational corporations and companies that provide equipment at wholesale prices. For these reasons, IndustBay occupies the top spot on our list.  

  • eBay

While it’s not really a specialized seller of industrial machinery or tools per se, eBay does still offer a surprisingly good range of products in this category. Its industrial equipment section is especially useful and you can find the ingredients of what you need to get your project going. 

Here are a few benefits of using eBay: 

  • Access to a vast seller base so you can find quite a lot of options
  • Regular discounts and deals- such as shipping offers- across various item categories 
  • Ability to create a watchlist of products you’re planning to buy so you can take advantage of price drops

Construction firms in particular will find great use out of eBay. But I must say that this website can be a double-edged sword. While it offers a nice variety of tools, cases of fraudulent sellers are quite rampant on the platform. You’ll have to enforce due diligence and best practices to avoid falling into the traps of scammers. Also, there are fewer options to work with in the industrial equipment category compared to our other sources on this list. 

  • Equipment Trader 

Are you looking for sparkly, new industrial machinery right out of the manufacturer’s gate? Or prefer slightly used equipment for a temporary project? Either way, you can find what you need on Equipment Trader. 

There are close to 100,000 options in both categories. I find that the website is best placed to serve commercial firms as they focus on industrial, earthmoving equipment. 

Nonetheless, some of the pros of Equipment Trader include: 

  • You can rent or lease equipment for a short-term project without having to outrightly buy it
  • A super convenient equipment finder feature and categories
  • Buyers can filter industrial equipment by proximity to find deals near them across the UAE 

With an over 72-hour waiting period for new listings, Equipment Trader can be a bit of a drag in terms of purchasing turnaround time.  

  • Ritchie Bros Auctioneers

This website works akin to the auction model, where the product goes to the highest bidder.  You place your bid on the industrial equipment you desire and beat other offers to close the deal. 

It’s certainly a new and creative approach to buying used or new industrial equipment in the UAE. The company itself is based out of British Columbia but provides a global marketplace. 

Some highlights that I liked about the website include: 

  • Thorough equipment search features allow you to drill down to the serial number, year, location, equipment type, etc
  • Straight-to-the-point interface that’s easy to use 
  • Ability to save searches and get notifications of new post listings of the tool you require

However, the bidding or auction formula can both work for and against buyers. While you might snug a cheap deal on equipment, you may also have to pay through the nose at times. More so in categories where items are in short supply. 

  • Machinery Trader

With Machinery Trader, you don’t just buy industrial equipment. You can also purchase individual spare parts that you need to fix a broken-down piece of machinery. Buyers can even get access to dismantled machines if they prefer to assemble their own equipment from scratch. 

If you’re looking to buy industrial equipment but don’t want to go out of your way in terms of spend, this website is a great option. Overall, I find that these are Machinery Trader’s best attributes: 

  • A huge range of listings and that means more choices for buyers
  • Option to buy industrial equipment upfront or rent it to meet fleeting needs without going all in on capital
  • Financing support for buyers and renters who fall short of meeting the cost of industrial equipment 

The Achilles’ heel for Machinery Trader has to be its limited search features. Beyond zip code, there’s not much else to work with making it quite cumbersome to find what you need. The user interface doesn’t do you any favors either as it can be quite complex to navigate. 


Getting industrial equipment in the UAE can make for an expensive and overwhelming affair. There’s a lot that goes into consideration, which is why many buyers are understandably cautious and hesitant about pulling the trigger. It becomes difficult to know who to trust, not just in terms of quality but prices as well. These websites we’ve discussed today should put those concerns to bed. Any one of them makes for a great source to get what you need. If it’s still difficult to settle on a choice, I recommend IndustBay. It ticks all the right boxes on account of range, convenience, quality, and pricing. Check out the Industbay website today.

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