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Discovering Aferiy: Powering Your World with Innovation


In the ever-evolving landscape of portable power solutions, Aferiy stands out as a brand committed to revolutionizing the way we harness and utilize energy. 

Founded on the principles of innovation, efficiency, and sustainability, Aferiy has emerged as a trailblazer in the field of portable power stations.


A Legacy of Cutting-Edge Technology

At the heart of Aferiy’s success lies a dedication to cutting-edge technology. 

One of the flagship products in their lineup, the Aferiy 2001A, exemplifies this commitment. 

This 2000W portable power station is a testament to the brand’s prowess in harnessing advanced energy storage solutions.

The Aferiy 2000w Power Station: Unmatched Power and Versatility

The Aferiy 2000w power station is not just a power station; it’s a powerhouse that can meet a multitude of energy needs. 

Its lithium iron phosphate battery, boasting a colossal 1997Wh/624000mAh capacity, promises longevity with over 3,500 cycles to 85%. 

This means you can rely on this power station to be your steadfast energy companion for an extended period.

Pioneering Battery Management

One of Aferiy’s standout features is its sophisticated battery management system. 

With a Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) Charge Controller and an extensive Battery Management System (BMS), the 2001A ensures not only optimized performance but also unparalleled safety.

Over Voltage, Overload, Overheat/Low Temperature, and Short Circuit Protection are all part of this comprehensive safety net, allowing users to operate their devices with absolute confidence.


Clean Power with Pure Sine Wave Inverter

In an era where the quality of power matters more than ever, Aferiy equips the 2001A with a pure sine wave inverter. 

This innovation guarantees not only stable power output but also clean energy delivery. 

This makes the power station compatible with a diverse range of devices, from sensitive electronics that demand precision to power-hungry appliances.

Connectivity Without Limits

Versatility is the hallmark of Aferiy’s power stations. The 2001A, for instance, offers a plethora of ports, ensuring seamless connectivity. 

With 6 AC outlets, 4 USB-A output ports, 2 USB-C output ports, 2 DC output ports, 1 Car Port, and an XT60 Port, you have the flexibility to power multiple devices simultaneously. 

Moreover, the built-in LED lights with an SOS function add an extra layer of functionality, ensuring you stay illuminated during power outages or emergencies.


Aferiy: Powering Possibilities

In the world of portable power solutions, Aferiy is a brand that redefines the boundaries of what’s possible. 

With their dedication to innovation, commitment to safety, and focus on sustainability, they’ve created a range of products that empower individuals to take control of their energy needs. 

Whether you’re embarking on outdoor adventures or seeking a reliable backup power source for your home, Aferiy has your back.


Beyond Products: Aferiy’s Vision

Beyond their exceptional products, Aferiy envisions a future where clean, sustainable energy is accessible to all. 

Their commitment to environmental responsibility shines through in the utilization of lithium iron phosphate batteries, known for their eco-friendliness and longevity. 

Aferiy’s mission is not just about providing power but also about empowering individuals and communities to embrace a greener, more sustainable energy future.

Aferiy’s Commitment to Quality and Safety

When it comes to portable power, quality and safety are paramount. Aferiy recognizes this, and their products reflect a steadfast commitment to these principles.

Continuous Power for Your Devices

The Aferiy 2001A is designed to deliver consistent and reliable power to a vast array of devices. With six AC outlets, this power station offers a stable 2000W output, with a peak performance capacity of 4000W. 

Whether you need to charge your laptop, run a microwave oven, or power up sensitive medical equipment like a CPAP machine, the 2001A has the versatility to meet your requirements. 

Its pure sine wave inverter ensures that even the most sensitive electronics receive clean and stable power, preventing any damage or malfunctions.

Safety Redefined

Aferiy places a premium on safety. The 2001A features a cutting-edge Battery Management System (BMS) that incorporates Over Voltage Protection, Overload Protection, Overheat/Low Temperature Protection, and Short Circuit Protection. 

These safeguards ensure that your devices, as well as the power station itself, remain protected under all circumstances. 

Additionally, the power station is equipped with a cooling fan that operates silently during regular use and engages only when the internal temperature exceeds 60 degrees Celsius. 

This ensures that the power station remains cool and efficient.


Versatile Recharging Options

Charging the 2001A is a breeze, thanks to its multiple recharging options. 

You can use an AC wall outlet, solar panels, a car charger, or a combination of AC and solar charging to replenish its massive 1997Wh battery. 

The fastest charging option, combining AC and solar inputs simultaneously, takes just 1.5 hours to fully recharge the power station. 

This flexibility allows you to harness energy from various sources, making the 2001A an ideal companion for outdoor adventures or as a reliable backup power source for your home.

Environmental Responsibility

Aferiy’s commitment to sustainability goes beyond just the performance of their products. 

The use of lithium iron phosphate batteries in their power stations underscores their dedication to environmental responsibility. 

These batteries are known for their long lifespan, eco-friendliness, and high energy density. 

By choosing Aferiy, you’re not only investing in a superior portable power solution but also contributing to a greener and more sustainable future.



In the realm of portable power solutions, Aferiy is a brand that has truly earned its place at the forefront. 

With a commitment to innovation, advanced technology, and environmental responsibility, Aferiy is poised to continue transforming the way we power our world. 

As the energy landscape evolves, Aferiy remains at the forefront, shaping a future where clean and reliable power is within everyone’s reach. 

Whether you’re conquering the great outdoors or ensuring your home remains powered during outages, Aferiy empowers you to take control of your energy needs. 

Aferiy is not just a brand; it’s a promise of power, innovation, and a sustainable tomorrow.

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