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Discover the Ultimate Guide to Choosing Your Perfect Stay in Copenhagen!


Welcome to Copenhagen, one of Europe’s most vibrant and picturesque cities. Whether you’re planning a weekend getaway or a longer vacation, finding the right accommodation is crucial to ensuring a memorable stay. With numerous options available, it can be overwhelming to choose the perfect place to stay in Copenhagen. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know to make an informed decision and find your ideal stay in this enchanting Danish capital.

Understanding Copenhagen

Before diving into the details of accommodation, let’s familiarize ourselves with Copenhagen. This cosmopolitan city is renowned for its rich history, striking architecture, and Scandinavian charm. From the iconic Little Mermaid statue to the colorful houses along Nyhavn, Copenhagen best places to stay offers a plethora of attractions for every visitor.

Types of Accommodations in Copenhagen

Copenhagen provides a diverse range of accommodation options to suit various preferences and budgets. Whether you prefer the luxury of a five-star hotel or the coziness of a bed and breakfast, you’ll find something that meets your needs. Some popular choices include:

Bed and Breakfasts

If you’re looking for a more intimate and homey experience, consider staying at a bed and breakfast. These charming accommodations often provide personalized service and a cozy atmosphere.

Vacation Rentals

Vacation rentals, such as apartments or houses, are an excellent choice for those seeking more space and privacy. They allow you to live like a local and have the convenience of a fully equipped kitchen.


For budget-conscious travelers or those looking for a social atmosphere, hostels are a popular option. They offer dormitory-style rooms and shared facilities, making them ideal for backpackers and solo travelers.

Factors to Consider

When choosing your accommodation in Copenhagen, several factors should be taken into account:


Consider the location of your accommodation in relation to the attractions and neighborhoods you plan to visit. Staying in the city center provides easy access to popular sights, while opting for a quieter neighborhood may offer a more relaxed atmosphere.


Determine your budget and search for accommodations within your price range. Keep in mind that prices may vary depending on the season and demand.


Think about the amenities that are important to you. Do you prefer a gym or spa on-site? Is complimentary breakfast a must-have? Make a list of essential amenities and prioritize accordingly.

Reviews and Ratings

Check online reviews and ratings of potential accommodations to get an idea of the experiences of previous guests. Pay attention to comments about cleanliness, customer service, and overall satisfaction.

Best Areas to Stay in Copenhagen

Copenhagen offers several neighborhoods that are popular for tourists. Here are some of the best areas to consider:

City Center

The city center, including Indre By, is a great choice for those who want to be close to major attractions like Tivoli Gardens and Stroget, the pedestrian shopping street.


Nyhavn is famous for its picturesque waterfront lined with colorful townhouses. It’s a vibrant area with plenty of restaurants, bars, and cafes.


Vesterbro is a trendy and hip neighborhood known for its lively nightlife, art galleries, and stylish boutiques. It’s a great choice for those seeking a vibrant atmosphere.


Located on an artificial island, Christianshavn is a charming area known for its canals, historic buildings, and the alternative community of Christiania.

Luxury Stays

If you’re looking for a luxurious and indulgent experience, Copenhagen has several high-end accommodations to choose from. These establishments offer top-notch service, elegant rooms, and impressive amenities. Some recommended luxury stays include:

  • Hotel d’Angleterre: A prestigious five-star hotel located in the heart of the city, offering luxurious rooms, a spa, and fine dining options.
  • Nimb Hotel: Situated in Tivoli Gardens, this boutique hotel combines old-world charm with modern luxury and features exquisite rooms and gourmet restaurants.
  • D’Angleterre Residences: These luxurious apartments provide a home-away-from-home experience, complete with personalized services and access to the hotel’s amenities.

Budget-Friendly Options

Traveling on a budget doesn’t mean compromising on quality. Copenhagen has several affordable accommodation options that provide comfort and convenience without breaking the bank. Consider these budget-friendly options:

  • Wakeup Copenhagen: This chain of budget hotels offers stylish and minimalist rooms at affordable prices, with convenient locations throughout the city.
  • Cabinn City Hotel: Located in the city center, this hotel offers compact yet functional rooms at reasonable rates, making it a popular choice for budget-conscious travelers.
  • Danhostel Copenhagen City: As one of the largest hostels in Europe, this modern and well-equipped facility provides affordable dormitory-style rooms and private rooms for budget travelers.

Family-Friendly Stays

Copenhagen is a family-friendly destination with numerous attractions suitable for children. When traveling with your family, consider accommodations that cater to the needs of both adults and children. Some family-friendly stays include:

  • Tivoli Hotel: Located near Tivoli Gardens, this hotel offers family rooms and suites, as well as a rooftop pool and a playroom for children.
  • Adina Apartment Hotel: These spacious and fully furnished apartments provide ample space for families, along with a range of amenities, including a kitchenette and laundry facilities.
  • CPH Studio Hotel: This budget-friendly hotel offers family rooms and apartments, as well as a playroom for children and a shared kitchen for guests’ convenience.

Alternative Accommodations

For a unique and memorable experience, consider alternative accommodations in Copenhagen. These options offer something different from traditional hotels and provide an opportunity to stay in unconventional settings. Some alternative stays include:

  • CPH Living: Stay in a floating hotel located on a converted barge in the picturesque Christianshavn canal. Enjoy panoramic views of the city while experiencing a one-of-a-kind accommodation.
  • Axel Guldsmeden: This eco-friendly boutique hotel offers rooms with a bohemian flair, featuring organic amenities and sustainable practices.
  • Urban House Copenhagen: Blending the concept of a hostel and a boutique hotel, Urban House provides stylish rooms, a vibrant social atmosphere, and unique amenities like a tattoo parlor and a bike workshop.

Tips for Booking Accommodation

When booking your accommodation in Copenhagen, keep these tips in mind:

Booking Websites

Utilize popular booking websites such as, Expedia, or Airbnb to compare prices, read reviews, and book your accommodation. These platforms offer a wide selection of options and allow you to filter based on your preferences.

Best Time to Book

To secure the best deals and availability, it’s advisable to book your accommodation well in advance, especially during peak travel seasons or major events in Copenhagen.

Cancellation Policies

Check the cancellation policies of your chosen accommodation before making a reservation. Life can be unpredictable, and having flexible cancellation options can provide peace of mind.

Safety Considerations

When choosing your accommodation, it’s essential to consider safety factors:

Neighborhood Safety

Research the safety of the neighborhoods where you’re considering staying. Opt for areas that are well-lit, have a low crime rate, and are well-connected to public transportation.

Security Measures in Accommodations

Ensure that your chosen accommodation has appropriate security measures in place, such as secure entry systems, surveillance cameras, and safes in the rooms.

Local Tips and Recommendations

To make the most of your stay in Copenhagen, here are some local tips and recommendations:

  • Visit Assistens Cemetery: This serene and picturesque cemetery is the final resting place of famous Danish figures like Hans Christian Andersen and Søren Kierkegaard. It’s also a popular park where locals go for walks and picnics.
  • Explore Nørrebro: This multicultural and vibrant neighborhood offers a diverse range of trendy shops, cafes, and bars. Take a stroll down Jægersborggade and discover unique boutiques and delicious street food.
  • Try Danish Cuisine: Don’t miss the opportunity to savor traditional Danish dishes like smørrebrød (open-faced sandwiches) and Danish pastries. Indulge in culinary delights at renowned restaurants or explore local food markets for an authentic experience.

Transportation Options

Getting around Copenhagen is convenient with several transportation options available:

  • Public Transportation: Copenhagen has an efficient and extensive public transportation system, including buses, metro, and trains. Consider purchasing a City Pass for unlimited travel within a specified period.
  • Bike Rentals: Copenhagen is a cycling-friendly city, and renting a bike is a popular way to explore. Numerous bike rental shops offer daily or hourly rentals.
  • Walking Distances: Many attractions in Copenhagen are within walking distance of each other, making walking a pleasant and convenient option for getting around.


Choosing the perfect stay in Copenhagen is essential to enhance your overall experience in this captivating city. Consider factors such as location, budget, amenities, and reviews to make an informed decision. Whether you opt for a luxury hotel, a cozy bed and breakfast, or a unique alternative accommodation, Copenhagen offers something for every traveler. Plan ahead, explore different neighborhoods, and immerse yourself in the charm of this Danish capital.

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