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Discover the Truth With Pynyen: The New Social Media App

Press release June 3, 2022: Peter Bailey will soon launch a new social media mobile app and website called Pynyen, offering a better social media experience craved by many. With Pynyen, people can only post polls on various topics. Their followers can respond to these feeds. Pynyen aims to improve the social media experience by eliminating communication clashes that lead to social conflict.

Craving Connectedness

People crave the connectedness and interaction provided by social media today. As a result, influential social media tools like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter have grown beyond personal social media networking sites, affecting many industries.

This data report shows that close to 50% of the world’s population uses social media, spending close to two and a half hours a day scrolling. Furthermore, these figures represent an annual growth rate of 6.7% since 2017, with 1.1 billion social media users.

Social media has several positive uses, including marketing and business networking. It has also become a fast tool for spreading news quickly, and the world’s top news headlines are immediately posted there by news media. However, now virtually anyone can create and share news on TikTok, FaceBook, Instagram, and Twitter, but not all information is accurate and credible.

How Pynyen Changes Social Media

Pynyen is a social media platform where you post only polls. People can post in several exciting categories, including entertainment, dance, health & fitness, beauty, fashion, food, holidays, and music. Of course, there are many more.

It is straightforward for followers to use the social media feed to answer and click on results. People can post photos, videos, or text questions for their poll, and users can either follow certain categories or specific users to see the results.

Peter Bailey, founder & CEO of Pynyen, adds, “Our goal is to achieve a better social media experience by reducing social negativity. Unfortunately, most social media platforms contain a feed that users scroll through, leaving them no choice but to view the post that appears on their wall, including its responses.” Bailey continues, “With so many views and opinions around, this open door instant communication policy creates the struggle known as social conflict.”

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“Adulting” in the Age of Technology

In the U.S., 84% of social media users range from 18 to 29 in age, and they mainly access their social media from smartphones. However, that doesn’t mean that other age groups aren’t active on social media since 81% of users are 30 to 49. That means that young adults and parents today are “adulting” in the technology age where young people are dependent on social media platforms for communications.

Bailey believes that despite the robust growth of social media, it is still in its infancy and requires improvement. He compares social media to the discovery of the telephone by Alexander Graham Bell in 1876. “It took 100 years after the telephone’s invention before companies introduced caller I.D. and call waiting, whereas today, everything happens so much faster.”

Pynyen is poised to become the ideal app for anyone who wants to end the endless cycle of positive and then negative energy coming from the news feed of their other social media apps. Achieving genuine feedback without the nasty backlash means less negativity and a great “adulting” experience for everyone, especially parents of older teens.

With Pynyen, everyone can achieve significant social interaction only by posting their polls with photos, videos, and text. The Vote button takes the unnecessary emotions out of the social feed.

About Pynyen

Peter Bailey, founder & CEO of Pynyen, studied at the Southern University College of Business and achieved an MBA from Southeastern Louisiana University, graduating among the top ten of his class.

As a former NCAA football student athlete and business professional, Bailey always had passion for innovation and purpose which helped create the idea of a new social media platform with followers who understand the rules. Pynyen allows people to create polls, get answers, learn from others and share results with less negativity and more privacy. Moreover, Pynyen is available for all devices, allowing users to discover the truth with customized poll views and votes.

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According to Bailey, “Pynyen is a human shift in social media, but heading in the right direction!”

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