Discover the Top 7 Crypto Ad Networks in 2023: Maximize Your Crypto Advertising Reach

The exponential growth of the cryptocurrency industry in the last decade owes much to its digital exposure. However, attracting potential investors and clients through traditional avenues can be an uphill task for crypto startups. To address this challenge, advertising networks or agencies have emerged to drive engagement and create value for crypto-related projects.⁣

Advertising, which is a subset of marketing, leverages promotion on premium websites, forums, and blogs to help a brand go viral. Additionally, publishers can monetize their online traffic through advertising. Crypto-focused agencies possess a deep understanding of the unique nuances of the cryptocurrency industry, making it easier for businesses to stay ahead of the curve. We have curated a list of platforms that can help launch your crypto campaign to new heights.⁣


Founded in 2014, Cointraffic emerged during the early days of the cryptocurrency industry. Over the years, the company has gained valuable experience in crypto marketing and PR services, earning the trust of both advertisers and publishers.  ⁣

Cointraffic is renowned for its reliability and stability, even in volatile crypto market conditions. With an impressive track record of over 17,000 successful campaigns and partnerships with more than 500 leading crypto outlets, the company has worked with numerous well-known companies, including, Bybit, Huobi, OKX, KuCoin, Binance, Bitstarz,  and many more.⁣

⁣One of the core benefits of working with Cointraffic is its expertise in providing an individual approach tailored to each client’s unique needs and requirements. This includes receiving personalized advice for ongoing and future campaigns, HTML 5 banner creation, and quick campaign setup and launch. Cointraffic focuses on premium traffic, ensuring each campaign is seen globally or in key markets based on clients’ preferences.


Anonymous Ads, established in 2011, is among the oldest ad networks in the market and remains a popular choice for advertisers. The network generates over 70 million daily impressions and provides real-time statistics to analyze performance. By eliminating any data verification or KYC, Anonymous Ads guarantees privacy and anonymity to all users on its network.

⁣Apart from the traditional CPA and CPM models, A-Ads also offers a CPD (cost per day) model, allowing for a more flexible campaign budget. However, the platform exclusively accepts payments in cryptocurrency.


Coin.Network is a platform that assists brands focusing on cryptocurrencies to reach large, verified audiences through the most popular crypto websites. With over 1 billion monthly ad impressions, this platform serves as a launchpad for advertising campaigns. The platform is owned by BuySellAds, a leading company in CPC and CPM advertising.⁣

⁣There are several ad formats to choose from. Additionally, marketing experts can assist with optimizing self-serve display ads to help reach user-acquisition goals. The minimum budget to enter is $5000.⁣

⁣The platform accepts payments in fiat and cryptocurrencies, such as BTC, ETH, and LTC.


CoinAD provides a comprehensive solution for efficient advertising that generates high-quality leads through its extensive network of over 200 crypto-related websites. Unlike its competitors, CoinAd does not rely on an auction for advertising bids. Instead, all users have an equal chance to maximize their exposure to available impressions on any given day.⁣

In addition to offering both CPC and CPM advertising options, CoinAd also provides PR story distribution services. Payments can be made through bank transfers or crypto deposits, including BTC, ETH, LTC, XRP, BNB, USDT, and USDC.

Ninja Promo

Established in 2017, Ninja Promo is a blockchain marketing agency specializing in promoting cryptocurrency products through various services such as paid advertising, influencer campaigns, community management, and content marketing.

The team at Ninja Promo creates customized strategies to take crypto marketing campaigns to unprecedented heights. They provide comprehensive services, from auditing and reporting to developing a data-driven roadmap, implementing the plan, and optimizing it to perfection.


CryptoPR is a crypto marketing agency located in London that provides services to various sectors such as NFT, DeFi, and blockchain-based projects. Its top-notch marketing services comprise press releases, celebrity endorsements, banner ad campaigns, advertorials, comparison listings, and international campaigns. 

The 100+ member team at CryptoPR has a demonstrated history of executing profitable campaigns at affordable rates. To get started with CryptoPR, simply fill out a form and provide information about your crypto project.


Adshares is a Web 3 infrastructure that operates on an open-source platform, aiming to revolutionize the advertising market by facilitating value transfer between advertisers and publishers. The protocol delivers decentralized ad solutions without intermediaries, offering a range of ad types, including affiliate, CPA/CPM-based, and pop-under ads.⁣

The ecosystem of Adshares is powered by the ADS coin, which serves as the primary means of settling transactions. It creates direct payment deals between advertisers and publishers, cutting out middlemen and reducing costs.

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