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Discover the powerful AI operating system, launched by Muks Robotics

After the great success of MuksOS AI Launcher, company is moving forward to build a powerful AI-based operating system designed for Robots. Company has also planned to release Humanoid Robot Version 1 in the month of June 2023. Version 1 will be able to perform the daily household tasks such as cleaning, organizing things at right places, cleaning toilets, serving water, juice etc.

Today’s world is full of gadgets and devices. Every task, irrespective of how small or large, is accompanied by one or more devices. However, with the advancement of technology and the widespread use of machines, they have become uneconomical and complex to manage but Muks Robotics has come with the solution that is AI based operating system that transforms ordinary devices into Teachable, Interactive, and Intelligent which includes smart phones, humanoid robots, car displays as well as speakers.

What is Muks Robotics?

Muks Robotics is an artificial intelligence (AI) company that stands for technology and innovation. The brand creates, develops, and sells an AI-powered operating system (OS) for phones, humanoid robots, car displays, and speakers that allow them to be Teachable, Interactive, and Intelligent. Muks Robotics and its team are leaders in artificial general intelligence due to their consistent research and development (AGI).

About the Founder, Mukesh Bangar

Dr Mukesh Bangar is the founder and developer of Muks Robotics. Before finding the company, he served as CTO and Director of ISwitchBox Smart Home. Although he has no formal degree in AI or engineering because he is a dentist who graduated from Government Dental College in Nagpur, his passion for AI drives him to be a self-taught python coder, android & iOS app developer, web developer, embedded designer, and embedded developer. His main contributions to the field of Artificial Intelligence include the development of algorithms for Artificial Consciousness, Natural Learning, and Converse Executions. Mukesh B. has experience designing products and projects. MuksOS is the result of his 12 years of cognitive science research, which he finally brought to fruition after a lot of hard work.

Vision, Mission, and beliefs

Muks Robotics was founded with the intention of reducing the workload associated with the handling, maintenance, and programming of devices by gaining autonomy. The brand’s mission is to build an AI-based operating system (OS) for phones, humanoid robots, car displays and speakers that make them teachable, interactive, intelligent and autonomous using artificial general intelligence (AGI). Thus, Muks Robotics believes in the power of innovation and intelligence to simplify our lives.

The Product and its features 

Muks Robotics introduces MuksOS, an AI-based operating system that enables users to interact with devices naturally by using voice, writing text, or displaying gestures making it simpler and faster than traditional user interfaces. MuksOS has a powerful AI core that transforms ordinary devices into teachable, interactive, intelligent, and self-sufficient machines. MuksOS is technically built on top of the Android Open-Source Project (ASOP). It works with third-party Android apps and custom AI models.

Muks Robotics introduces MuksOS for smartphones to increase sales in a competitive market by providing a plethora of features. MuksOS for Car Display includes a custom theme and wake word for your brand as per your preference. For example, Hey BMW, Hey Safari, Hey Audi, Hey Sam, and so on. MuksOS has also been designed for Smart Speakers to bring high-end AI features to the product. Finally, because humanoids are the future of humanity, it requires a better operating system with all AI features in one place, which MuksOS can provide.

MuksOS Android Launcher is now available on the Google Play store. It has more than 50k downloads and 7k plus premium users. 


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