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Discover Orbit: Your Gateway to Smart and Social Investing

Smart and Social Investing

The stock market can often feel like an exclusive club, only accessible to those with the right connections or background in finance. But what if we told you there’s an easier way to get started? Enter Orbit, a platform designed for the digital age. Orbit simplifies investing by providing real-time market data, community insights, and essential trading tools. Whether you’re making your first trade or looking to diversify your investments, this platform gives you the confidence to navigate the financial markets. 

What is Orbit?

Orbit is a new platform that makes the stock market accessible to everyone, especially younger investors. It’s built around the idea that investing shouldn’t be just for those who already have the know-how or the right connections. It combines elements of social media and financial trading, creating a space where users can learn from each other, track their progress, and make informed decisions without feeling overwhelmed by the complexity of traditional trading.

Key Features of Orbit

Orbit has a range of features that make it a great choice for both beginners and seasoned investors:

  • Live Market Data: Stay updated with the latest stock prices, market trends, and financial news.
  • Community Discussions: Connect with other users, exchange tips, and discuss market movements in a collaborative environment.
  • Portfolio Tracking: Keep an eye on your investments with tools that help you track and analyze your portfolio’s performance.
  • Shuttles: Focus your discussions with other users around specific financial topics or assets, making it easier to deep dive into subjects that matter to you.
  • No SSN or Bank Linking Required: Signing up is easy and secure, without needing to provide sensitive personal information like your Social Security Number or bank details.
  • No Spam & No Bots: Enjoy a genuine community experience with strong measures to eliminate spam and bots.
  • Robust Security Features and Compliance Standards: Protecting user data is a top priority, with advanced encryption and compliance with financial regulations to ensure a safe trading environment.

 Smart and Social Investing

User Experience and Interface

Orbit is designed to be user-friendly, catering to those who might be intimidated by more complex platforms. Here’s how it simplifies the trading experience:

  • Simple Registration: You can sign up quickly without needing to provide sensitive personal information, making the process smooth and secure.
  • Clean Layout: The interface is straightforward, with a clear layout that helps you find what you need without hassle.
  • Accessible Across Devices: Whether you’re using a smartphone, tablet, or computer, Orbit provides a consistent experience, ensuring you can trade and learn on the go or at home.

Market Insights

Orbit was created to meet the needs of a new generation of investors, which became very clear during the “meme-stock” craze of 2021. This event highlighted how influential young traders can be, especially when they rely on social media and community-driven insights for their investment decisions. However, despite their growing presence and impact on the financial markets, these investors often found themselves without a platform that truly understood and catered to their unique social approach.

To bridge this gap, Orbit offers a social hub where users can access real-time market data and a variety of financial tools. But Orbit goes beyond just providing data – it emphasizes community engagement. This means investors can discuss market trends, share strategies, and learn from each other. This approach helps users make more informed decisions and also fosters a collaborative environment. In fact, it aligns perfectly with the values of a generation that prioritizes transparency and communication. 

Security and Compliance

At Orbit, protecting user information is a top priority. The platform employs state-of-the-art encryption to ensure that personal and financial data is secure from any unauthorized access. Furthermore, all financial transactions and communications within the app are continuously monitored to meet regulatory standards and prevent fraud. This thorough approach to security not only protects users but also builds a foundation of trust. Knowing that their data is safe, users can confidently participate in trading and discussions on the platform.

Founders of Orbit

Nick Scibilia and Zach Shenkman co-founded Orbit in the fall of 2020, combining their distinct talents and visions to create something unique. Nick is passionate about business and investing and has always wanted to make a real difference through his entrepreneurial efforts. His goal with Orbit was to create a platform that makes investing accessible and interesting, especially for people who don’t come from traditional financial backgrounds.

On the other hand, Zach is the technical genius behind Orbit. With deep expertise in programming and user experience design, he’s known among his peers as the go-to guy for all things tech. Zach’s job is to make sure Orbit works smoothly and is easy for anyone to use, no matter how much they know about investing.


Future Prospects and Developments

Orbit is set for significant growth with some exciting updates on the horizon. Soon, the platform will roll out advanced analytics tools to give users deeper insights into their investment habits and market trends. They’re also exploring AI to provide personalized investment advice and automated portfolio management, which could really change the way users interact with their investments.

Upcoming Features and Enhancements

  • AI-driven Insights: Orbit will use AI to offer personalized investment suggestions based on how users behave and current market conditions.
  • Enhanced Portfolio Management: New tools will help users manage their investments more effectively, including features like automated rebalancing and risk assessments.
  • Expanded Financial Products: The platform plans to introduce new investment options such as bonds, ETFs, and possibly cryptocurrencies, giving users a wider range of opportunities.

Strategic Goals for Scaling the User Base and Enhancing User Engagement

Orbit wants to expand its user base by targeting a global audience, especially in emerging markets where investment resources are limited. Their strategy includes:

  • Localized Content and Support: Customizing content and providing support tailored to the needs of users in different regions.
  • Partnerships and Collaborations: Teaming up with educational institutions and financial influencers to reach more people.
  • Community-Driven Features: Adding more interactive features like live events, workshops, and discussion forums to keep users engaged and active.


At the end of the day, Orbit stands out in the crowded fintech space by seamlessly combining social media with powerful investment tools. This unique approach simplifies and democratizes investing, making financial markets accessible to a new generation of investors. With a strong focus on community, security, and continuous innovation, Orbit is setting new standards for trading platforms. As it grows and evolves, the platform is committed to providing users with the tools, knowledge, and support they need to succeed in investing.

Ready to join the future of investing? The Orbit app is available for download in the US via the App Store or Google Play. Learn more about Orbit here.

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