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Directly Sourced Specialized Jades Are Offered At Affordable Cost By The Jade Brothers at affordable prices

The Jade Brothers offer direct source specialization Jades at pocket-friendly prices.

Calvin Ma and Vin Ma, two brothers, founded the Jade Brothers. Enthralled by these priceless gems, the brothers traveled to the origins of these gemstones and began collecting them, eventually establishing their own company. The company takes pride in the huge assortment of Jade merchandise. As a result, The Jade Brothers’ popularity has been steadily increasing, as indicated by their constantly increasing Instagram fan base.

They have worked with eminent celebrities like @jingates, @queenhoneyc, @jasminevillegus, and @chowmane. Charlie Puth and Austin Mahone are the other significant names who have worked with their brand. Some of their featured products include Green Jade Ankh Pendant, Green jade Dragon Head, Green/White Jade Buddha Pendant, and Multi Green Jade Dragon Head.

Due to their direct source specialization for superior-quality Jade, no middlemen are involved. They cannot take a huge chunk of the money by serving as intermediaries. The online model developed by The Jade Brothers eliminates the middlemen and offers the most affordable prices to the customers. 

“We believe that Jade is more than just ‘jewelry’ that our consumers wear. The history of these precious stones can be traced back to ancient Asian culture. Each hand-carved piece in our collection takes a lot of time to create, not to mention the time it takes to select the appropriate Jade stones because you cannot just start picking up a Jade stone and carve it. Jade stones are sometimes referred to as “gambling stones” because you can invest thousands of dollars on stones that have no value if they cannot be carved” said Vin Ma.

“We have a vast selection of custom-made jewelry,” Calvin Ma adds. All of our products are carefully handcrafted from start to finish. We’re here to make sure our customers are happy, whether they’re looking for a pre-made Jade piece or want to add their zing to a task. With your next Jade purchase, allow us to earn your trust and business.”

About The Jade Brothers 

The Jade Brothers were started by Calvin and Vin Ma. The brothers went to the origins of these gemstones and began collecting them, eventually starting their own business. There are no middlemen because they specialize in superior-quality Jade from direct sources. It enables them to provide the most cost-effective prices to their customers.

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