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Direct Mail Advertising – A Timeless Marketing Tactic?

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Direct mail advertising is a form of advertising where the post office is used to send hard copy versions of your advertising campaign. It is perhaps the oldest form of marketing, after advertising in newspapers. It is timeless because it works. Although digital marketing has changed the world as we know it when it comes to advertising, direct mail is still the preferred choice for businesses today. Still, there’s nothing that says you can’t do both kinds of campaigns if you have it in your budget.

The world is saturated with digital campaigns in email, text messages, and social media profiles every day. Coming home to a copy of advertising makes that campaign stand out. Most customers today will be more likely to remember that kind of pizza offer over one that flew by in an email. Yes, direct mail advertising is still timeless. Learn more about it here.

Benefits of Direct Mail Advertising

Advertising costs money, and it is always a gamble. Today’s marketers are spending their entire careers looking for that one method of marketing that is going to pay off. You want a return on your investment. This is why direct mail marketing is still alive. Although it is impossible to provide a conversion rate for every campaign, direct mail marketing is an incredible tool that catches your audience’s attention. It is harder to catch their attention today than it ever has been because the average human is faced with thousands of pieces of advertising every day.

Direct mail advertising works, and it is memorable. You get a bang for your advertising buck here. It is said that you are likely going to get at least a 20 percent return on your investment from direct mail advertising. It is extremely unlikely that you won’t get any bites from a direct mail campaign, although it can happen. This is a campaign you will be happy with.

With the saturation of digital advertising in the world, another upside to direct mail marketing that makes it timeless is that it is less competitive. Not every company is performing direct mail advertising anymore, because it can be more expensive. Still, the companies that are, are doing it because they know that it works. With this in mind, you have fewer notes from your competition sitting beside your campaign in the mailboxes of America today.

You also have more room to work with when it comes to direct mail marketing. You can be a little more creative and open-minded with your business decisions if you use direct mail marketing. Your campaign can have a little more wow to it. You can bring some three-dimensional features to your direct mail campaign that you can not pull off in a digital campaign. Send candy, tickets, handwritten postcards, and swag with direct mail and your campaign just got more memorable.

Plan Your Direct Mail Marketing Campaign Well

The key to the success of every good advertising campaign is planning. You need to know your audience, and what they will respond to, and have a direct call to action. Get them to call you or book an appointment. Knowing how to motivate your audience to buy is important, so don’t be afraid to read them on social media or do some people-watching in this niche and get to know them a little better.

Test, test, and test again. Every advertising campaign is a test. You have to keep testing to see what works and what does not. Plan for testing budgets and begin small so that you can see for yourself the difference your campaign is making here.

Be sure that you have a concrete goal before you plan your campaign, or you will not be able to plan your campaign. If you don’t know how you want this to end, how are you going to run it? If you have done your market research right, you should have an idea of a potential conversion rate. Don’t send free Walmart cards to your audience if they don’t live near one.

Follow up when the campaign is over. Run a new campaign to follow up. Statistics show that follow-up campaigns work just as well in direct mail marketing as they do online. When you follow up you are likely to get some response. Track everything.

When you have finished planning your campaign meticulously, it’s gone time. See for yourself why this is a timeless marketing technique.

Start Your Direct Mail Marketing Campaign Today

When you have an advertising campaign to run, start early and collect data as you go. The more you plan for your direct mail marketing campaign, the better it will perform. Plan, test, run, and follow up. It’s easier than you think and timeless for a reason. Direct mail marketing works. Start your campaign today.

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