DigiToads (TOADS) cements its position as meme coin leader. While Cardano (ADA) faces strong turbulence

Cardano (ADA) faces strong turbulence

The cryptocurrency market has been abuzz with reports of Cardano being in the doldrums due to strong volatility. At the same time, a relatively new meme coin has been cementing its position in the market with an innovative hybrid DeFi model and cutting-edge features. This new meme coin is DigiToads (TOADS), which is powered by Ethereum and is currently the talk of the town due to its stellar presale growth. Called one of the best altcoins for 2023, DigiToads’ USP is its three-in-one economic design where its users can access several options to earn residual incomes.

DigiToads: A new chapter in DeFi innovation

DigiToads is the latest ico to send the cryptocurrency market into a tizzy. It’s been making strides with a model that features the utility of three cryptocurrencies — a meme coin, a play-to-earn game, and a staking portal. These features allow a crypto user to trade tokens, stake NFTs, win cryptocurrencies in Web 3.0 games, and win daily prizes on one platform.

It has a native token called TOADS which is the primary cryptocurrency on the DigiToads network. It’s available on presale for 0.047 USD per coin. The cryptocurrency ico has so far collected over $5.7 million in presale funding.

DigiToads is one of the most versatile platforms present in the market because of the ease with which one can explore it. Take the example of its trading competitions which are organized every month. The winner of these contests gets a chance to learn about the nuances of treasury management by training under the DigiToads team. Once they become skilled at the job, they will go on to help the team in the task regularly. 

Each winner of a trading competition gets a Platinum Toad which unlocks remote access to the treasury. To win the trading competition, a participant has to clock the highest trade volume in a month. They get to keep 10% of the profits they book in a particular month.

DigiToads is among the new altcoins that have managed to ace the balance between functionality and versatility. Its play-to-earn game is an exciting and entertaining journey into the world of decentralized gaming with several lucrative opportunities. The game has short seasons – just a month long – so players can try their hand at the game multiple times. 

Plus, the game rewards the Top 25% of the scorers of a season. To make it among the top scorers, players would have to outperform their competitors in a virtual swamp. They can buy or trade digital creatures called DigiToads for help in tackling the challenges in a game as the latter has superior strength and special powers. The only problem is that as every DigiToads has a different set of powers, you don’t know if your competitor’s DigiToad is any better than yours.

Over time, the DigiToads team would be launching informative sessions on cryptocurrencies. These sessions would be a part of the facilities available at its upcoming think tank the ‘TOADS School’. The only eligibility criteria to access these sessions is to hold three TOADS NFTs.

What are analysts saying about Cardano?

Cardano is a decentralized platform for building scalable and secure dApps. Its native token is ADA which is used for transactional purposes like staking and making payments. The platform owes its efficiency to the Ouroboros blockchain protocol which is based on peer-reviewed research and evidence-based methodology. Despite the popularity of the ADA token, Cardano’s recent market performance has been marred by frequent flip-flops in terms of price action. Based on the analysis of market data, analysts have maintained a largely bearish outlook toward the ADA token.


When it comes to utility, both Cardano and DigiToads feature among the top cryptos to invest in today’s market. However, if you have been eyeing long-term gains, analysts have a different opinion. Many analysts are of the view DigiToads has a higher growth potential than many other popular altcoins. DigiToads’ multifunctional model empowers you to not only multiply your residual income but also build a steady source of passive earnings. Experts who have reviewed the TOADS token feel that it has the potential to surge by 40x in the next few months.

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