DigiToads Aims to Be the Fastest Growing Crypto of 2023. Bigger Than PEPE

DigiToads Fastest Growing Crypto

The spotlight in the meme coin market is shifting once again. Pepe coin has taken the market by storm, but it is slowly fading into the shadows as a new contender, DigiToads, is taking the center of the stage. TOADS is captivating the crypto community due to its unique advantage over the likes of Pepe: huge growth opportunity thanks to its viral successful presale and many income-generating opportunities that are carving a new niche – the first utility meme coin on the market. 

DigiToads to Unleash the First Utility Meme Coin

DigiToads is a rising star for a very diverse community that consists of play-to-earn gamers, meme coin enthusiasts, traders, and long-term investors. This is an unexpected crowd for a meme coin – and this is because TOADS is not just a simple meme coin.

DigiToads dives into the high-growth world of play-to-earn gaming. The Swamp is a virtual world, home to digital toads. Each player can play with a unique digital toad, which can be improved and skilled by interacting with elements in the virtual world; toads can also be bred, creating another unique, stronger toad. Then, players can enter competitions with their toads and the top players receive TOADS tokens in return. 

The TOADS tokens are emerging as the best crypto to buy because you can use them to generate passive income as a long-term investor. You can do so via different mechanisms – one of them is known as stake-to-earn, where you buy unique NFTs from DigiToads’ marketplace and stake them on the platform. The staking pool rewards all stakers with a growing amount of rewards each time as it keeps collecting a portion of all transactions on the platform. 

Another way to generate wealth on the DigiToads platform is the less intensive method of buy-and-hold. Your portfolio will keep increasing in value over time thanks to the deflationary economics of the token; the programmed token-burning events will decrease the supply over time. At the same time, there will be monthly airdrops for all TOADS holders, regardless of whether you are a skilled player or not.

Finally, those who prefer a proactive approach to generating wealth will have the opportunity to test their skills in monthly trading competitions. The most successful traders will earn a portion of the profits they make on the platform and will get access to the Treasury. 

For newbies, the Toad School will be ready to provide the foundation for trading and how to become a successful trader on the platform, and the only requirement to join the course is to hold at least three cool NFTs on the DigiToads platform. 

DigiToads presale has been a massive success so far. Currently in its seventh stage, its price skyrocketed by 260%, from only $0.01 to $0.36. It is expected to launch on major exchanges for a minimum of $0.055, or 450% for early investors. Once it reaches the masses, the TOADS tokens are expected to generate 100x returns this year thanks to the many use cases. 

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Can DigiToads Go Higher Than Pepe?

Can DigiToads win the battle for the king of the meme coin market? While Pepe has garnered significant attention, the meme coin lacks any value for its holders. Apart from the frog’s popularity as a meme on the Internet, holding Pepe coins doesn’t benefit investors or traders. 

TOADS, on the other hand, fuel several methods in which you can keep growing your portfolio, ranging from gaming and trading competitions to monthly airdrops. 


DigiToads marks the beginning of a new era in the meme coin world. The first of its kind, it brings utility to a market familiar with speculative alt coins with no value for their holders. TOADS, on the other hand, managed to raise $4.6 million in a record time thanks to its huge potential for profit, massive engagement, and setting a new standard in the crypto world. To join the presale, investors can buy TOADS tokens at a discount using multiple payment methods, including BTC, USDT, or USDC, among others. 

For more information on DigiToads visit the website, join the presale or join the community for regular updates.

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