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Digitization And Trucking: How A Freemium Saas Tool Is Looking To Digitize Transportation

IMPARGO created CargoApps

IMPARGO created CargoApps as a groundbreaking solution to help businesses in the fast-evolving logistics industry digitize their transport business “overnight.” Transportation experts, especially small and medium-sized transport companies, have continued to leverage the features of CargoApps, with the software boasting of more than 35k registrations and over 5k active users across 28 countries.

Overview Of The Global Logistics Industry

The global logistics industry has witnessed a series of evolution over the years, thanks to the emergence of several solutions and growing demand from different categories of customers. A recent report published by Statista put the global logistics market size at 5.5 trillion Euros in 2018, with Germany leading the park based on freight revenue. In a related development, technological advancements have helped logistics businesses to better serve their customers. Unfortunately, thousands of companies, especially small and medium-sized logistics businesses, are yet to leverage digitization to enhance their operations and grow their brand. However, IMPARGO seems to be changing this narrative through their all-inclusive logistics software – CargoApps.

Features Of CargoApps Software

The logistics software is designed for different categories of service providers in the industry, including shippers, carriers, and developers, with features that help users save cost and increase their profit by up to 7.500€ yearly per truck.

Some features of CargoApps that have endeared the software to users across Europe include Truck Route Planner with toll that allows for effective planning of routes with truck restrictions, traffic incidents, and border crossing times, Order management for sending and receiving orders as well as management of documents, and Tracking with GPS that allows businesses to communicate with drivers via the app, send transport orders to drivers via the app, and get an estimated time of arrival (ETA).

CargoApps supports several international languages, including English, German, Spanish, Polish, and Russian.

Feedback From Users Of The Logistics Software 

CargoApps has continued to enjoy rave reviews from users across the continent. “With IMPARGO, we were able to digitize our entire order processing and dispatching process. The CargoApps platform is affordable, user-friendly and enables us to offer the same service as large freight forwarders,” said Igor Alestchenko of Mat-Max s.r.o.

For more information about CargoApps and other groundbreaking solutions from IMPARGO, visit – The digitization campaign continues across social media, including LinkedIn and Facebook.

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