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Digital Transformation: How Technology Is Changing the Business?

Digital Transformation

Technology has been in constant development since it entered our lives. Along with this development, changes in our lives become inevitable. Technology, which touches every aspect of our lives, continues to change the understanding of business and work more and more every day.

Technology has various effects on business life in every aspect. In 2021, 28 percent of enterprises and 20 percent of tech-focused small and mid-size businesses indicated that keeping up with threats to data security is their leading technology challenge. Other technology challenges include ensuring that employees are trained sufficiently on how to use technology services and managing remote work situations.

In order to overcome such challenges, it is necessary to keep up with digital transformation in business life. As its impact and usage area expands, it is expected that digital transformation will gradually increase its place in the business world. To achieve digital transformation in the safest way and minimize the risks, it will be helpful to review

What Is Digital Transformation?

Digital transformation is finding solutions to social and sectoral needs with the integration of digital technologies. Depending on these solutions, the process of development and change of business processes and business culture can be defined as digital transformation.

Centering on practicality and innovation, digital transformation aims to achieve more efficient results than traditional methods. Digital transformation can also be expressed as the human and environment-oriented transformation of the social management, production, and life process that emerges from the interaction of technology with sociology.

The reason why digital transformation is an extremely critical concept for the business world is that it makes things faster, more practical, and more efficient. Although some are not aware of this yet, digital transformation is taking place in every business without exception in different dimensions.

How do Digital Transformation and Technology Influence the Business?

Undoubtedly, many points can come to our mind when it comes to the influence of technology and digitalization on the business world. Here are the areas and concepts that influenced the most:

Hybrid Workforce

Thanks to the technologies provided by digital transformation, employees can decide on their own how, where, and when they will work. With these technologies, data and information can now be easily converted into digital formats, stored on digital platforms, and accessible with mobile devices anytime, anywhere.

Technological progress and digitalization make it possible to make work schedules to personal needs and lifestyles. As many services are provided using technological tools today, more and more companies are adopting new and flexible forms of work such as freelancing, mobile working, and working from home.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence, which is one of the best materials provided by technology, enables businesses to open the doors of new business areas, gain a competitive advantage and maintain an existing advantage.

Artificial intelligence has already changed the business world to a certain extent today. Businesses have already started using AI to automate workflows and certain activities. These workflows and activities include analyzing data, creating algorithms, and even improving communication between the company and customers.


Communication is one of the most important aspects of both our daily lives and business life. When communication is not strong, businesses have difficulty in developing and developing the right products. Insufficient information transfer leads to misunderstandings and conflicts between the parties.

Digital transformation offers many solutions to businesses to ensure communication between employees and business management, between business and customers. These solutions make it possible to transfer information and documents seamlessly.


Today, digital transformation enables businesses to develop new ideas, reach a wider audience, and use advanced tools to organize and manage their business. Most importantly, it also enables them to offer better products and services to keep their customers happy and improve their quality of life.

The advancement of digitalization and the digital transformation process has enabled businesses to adopt new ideas to established strategies and to use their resources more flexibly. In addition, it paved the way for them to build new and innovative structures that are completely different from the old ones.


Technology and digital transformation are very important to help to realize and achieve business goals. Further, digital transformation technologies that can learn, think, and draw conclusions offer opportunities for businesses to explore new avenues in research and out-innovate competitors.

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