Digital Supply Chain Technology: Transforming the Visibility and Tracking

Digital Supply Chain Technology: Transforming the Visibility and Tracking

Businesses need a fast-paced and efficient supply chain ecosystem to lower costs and make things readily available to their end users. Digital supply chain technology consulting helps optimize the supply chain and boosts profitability. It will help overcome the challenges faced by the global supply chain. The supply chain management software solutions will help improve operational excellence and provide appropriate technological measures. The technology consulting services and software engineering solutions will help customize the products or services.

Amazon uses modern AI technology as supply chain optimization technologies to predict warehouse demand. Artificial intelligence will help augment last-mile delivery too. It will help avoid perishable products that otherwise go to waste in the warehouse. Moreover, the brand has dived into the real-time supply chain using AI technology, which eases the process of predictive analysis.

The digital transformation in supply chain management helps the AI model to make the right decision when the versatile data is fed to the software. The segment of AI used here is machine learning, which helps the software learn new information and provide accurate predictions about the supply chain. AI performs one of the peculiar roles of technology consulting in supply chain management for Amazon. It helps the brand to acknowledge the various aspects of demands made by the consumer and the status of the supply of the products.

Amazon uses AI to ensure that each product is delivered timely without disruption. One of the most faced challenges in supply chain management is to get the product from the warehouse and deliver it to the customer’s doorstep. Here AI optimizes the packaging, picking, and delivery of products.

It even helps the drivers in real time by telling them the traffic-free routes. Moreover, the tracking information is sent to the customer to track the arrival of their package. It helps lower the whole supply chain cost and makes the process productive and profitable.

Analysis of Digital Supply Chain Technology Consulting in Today’s Time

61% of the marketers from the supply chain organization say that the supply chain technology roadmap is a great source of providing competitive benefits. The reputed supply chain software development company has identified the important technologies that will help encourage productivity. 20% have already invested in robotics technology. By 2026, 75% of large companies will adopt intralogistics smart robots for their warehouse operations. They will also deliver Advanced Analytics, Data Science, and AI.

The use of technology in supply chain management will increase to a great extent, with more than 50% invested in warehouse automation. The automated supply chain management solutions will include more than 50% of the large global companies using AI, IoT, and AA in their supply chain operations. More than 47% of the companies will be investing in predictive analysis.


The supply chain technology is already made to the supply chain operations. 41% of supply chain professionals use data analytics, 39% use cloud computing, and 39% use IoT technology. By 2025, the average supply chain management software expenditure will be $8.08 per employee. The SCM software market will attract a market revenue of $8.9 million by 2024.

According to Exploding Topics, artificial intelligence in supply chain, along with other technologies, is helping automate the supply chain. It is expected, that 97 million people will be employed in the AI industry by 2025. More than $136 billion will be spent on the worldwide AI market.

What is the Role of Technology Consulting in Modern Supply Chains?

The supply chain disruption is real, with modern technologies automating the operation. AI, predictive analysis, IoT, etc., make it feasible for businesses to handle their supply chain operations. Intelligent supply chain software helps proactively manage the inventory, automate the operations, regulate the delivery time, and optimize the supply chain algorithm. Let us see how technology consulting will help with modern supply chain regulation.

  1. Control Over Wastage: By using digital technology consulting, you will fully control the supply chain operations. Businesses will know which inventory needs to be restocked and which is available in plenty. The perishable products will be sold out first. For complete transparency, you can get software product engineering services from reputed agencies to enable automated software with AI and other technologies.
  2. Collaboration with Your Supply Chain Partners: The automation of supply chain management will help you to collaborate with your partners in real-time to simplify the distribution process. It will help manufacturers make informed decisions on the products in high demand. They can divert their production towards those products and get control over cost and production processes.
  3. Ushering of New Trends: The supply chain technology trends are ever-changing, and post-pandemic businesses are adopting modern technologies to automate their processes. They invest in AI, Blockchain, IoT, Cloud Computing, SaaS, 5G Networks, etc. Supply chain companies are adopting these technologies for risk management and dealing with supply chain disruptions.
  4. Effective Order Tracking and Delivery: The use of AI and other technologies will help with the effective tracking of orders and deliveries. It will lead to customer retention as effective deliveries will increase customer satisfaction. The real-time information sharing will smooth out the whole delivery process.

Get Connected with Right Digital Technology Consultants!

Digital technology consulting for supply chain operations helps in making data-driven decisions. You will get real-time information to make the right predictions and informed decisions. Businesses can contact the dedicated software product engineering company, Tntra, for the right technology consulting. Their team of experts will help you in optimizing your supply chain operations.

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