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Digital Space Marketing Gives 3 Tips for How Growing Businesses Can Stay Ahead of AI

By now, the business world is well-aware of the benefits of AI/ML, analytics, and algorithms, such as the ability to automate repetitive tasks, streamline operations, and enhance marketing strategies. The problem across industries is that these tools have fallen into the laps of people who feel unprepared to use them effectively. It is a lot like giving a rocket to someone who dreams of going to the moon but has no idea how to even fire up the engines, much less safely navigate space. Author Clayton Patterson, CEO and Founder of Digital Space Marketing, says that while AI takes time to learn and implement, that transition can be smoothly navigated. In doing so, owners ultimately find a specific purpose for artificial intelligence in their company and enjoy more productivity and revenue.

“While we have always leveraged technology at Digital Space Marketing to enhance our clients’ online presence, the reality is that we have had to learn how to use AI just like anyone else,” says Clayton. “At our company, we have given it a multifaceted role. For example, we utilize machine learning algorithms to fine-tune our digital advertising strategies, ensuring more personalized and effective campaigns. We also use AI tools to analyze user behavior, which results in better website development. It frees us to focus on the strategic and creative aspects of our work.”

Below, Clayton gives three suggestions for how companies can feel more empowered with AI and strategically use it as they scale. 

Embrace the data

First, remember that no matter the industry or the size of a business, artificial Intelligence thrives on quality data. The more data you can collect about your customers, competitors, and market trends, the more your AI system will be able to analyze it and produce actionable insights. 

The lesson: invest in data infrastructure and management before you move into artificial intelligence.

Smart small and scale

“Second, if you are overwhelmed by the complexities of AI, you’re not alone – many businesses are,” Clayton says. “Aiming for small wins is more effective than going for the gold right from the start.”

He recommends starting with small projects that are easily accomplished and that allow for the ROI to be easily measured. Once you have gained confidence and understanding, you can scale to more complex systems. 

The lesson: using AI in your business is a moving target, one that will always move faster and faster. The key is to just get started.

Human-AI collaboration is key

Last, resist the temptation to see AI as technology that will either make your job obsolete or replace your own intelligence. Instead, look at it as a tool that complements your abilities and judgment.

“AI is awesome, no doubt, but really, it needs humans right now,” Clayton believes. “Here’s another reality check: humans and organizations that understand it better than others are the ones who will pull ahead in this digital space race.”

The lesson: see AI as an enhanced ability to analyze data and automate tasks so that your employees are free to focus on the strategic, creative tasks that machines can’t do.

The takeaway for business owners who overwhelmed by AI

Artificial intelligence is not just a technological trend – it is a business necessity. Those that leverage it will be able to turn data into actionable insights and, most importantly, unlock new avenues for innovation.

Businesses that integrate AI are not only staying competitive but are also setting the pace for their respective industries,” Clayton believes. “Don’t get left behind. Use it to make your operations more efficient and client-focused so that you can discover what you, your team members, and your business can really do.”

Clayton Patterson is the Founder and CEO of Digital Space Marketing, a remote, “in-house” marketing team that provides all the solutions a company needs under one roof, enabling them to say goodbye to multiple vendors. He is also the owner of The Finity Law Firm, Best Cataract Surgeons in America, and Best Lasik Surgeons in America.

For more information about how Clayton Patterson and his Digital Space Marketing team deliver stratospheric results using today’s cutting-edge technology, please visit

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