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Digital Phase Shifters Market Impacted by COVID-19, Market to Remain Dormant in Near Term, Projects FMI 2022 -2028

The market for digital phase shifters is anticipated to reach US$ 9.8 Bn by the end of 2028, growing quickly between 2022 and 2028 at a CAGR of 65.4%.

A major factor that is anticipated to fuel the growth of the global market for digital phase shifters over the coming years is the bolstering demand for these devices across a variety of end-use industries, including telecommunication, aerospace and defense, weather forecast, mobile, mobile broadband, Internet, satellite, and fixed broadband.

In addition, over the following ten years, market growth is anticipated to be boosted by ongoing developments in information technology.

In terms of market value share, North America currently outpaces the rest of the world and is predicted to continue to do so for the duration of the forecast.

The commercialization of space exploration and the enormous defense budget is credited for this ongoing expansion.

Due to the significant presence of US-based firms leading the telecom sector in terms of trials and implementation of the 5G technology, this regional market will continue to be in the spotlight shortly.

Throughout the forecast period, North America and Europe are expected to continue to have a dominant position in the market for digital phase shifters worldwide.

The emerging markets are anticipated to be in the Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa, and Latin America regions because of the strain that these regions’ dense populations will put on the world’s existing telecommunications infrastructure.

Other important market segments include those based on the number of bits, such as 4-Bits, 5-Bits, 6-Bits, and others; and those based on the frequency range, such as 10.99GHz, 11 – 20.99GHz, and 21GHz and above.

While the market anticipates that the 8-bits category will experience the highest increase in terms of bits, the 21GHz, and above segment is anticipated to experience the highest CAGR value by frequency range.

Astra Microwave Products Limited, Planar Monolithics Industries, L3 Narda-MITEQ, Pulsar Microwave Corporation, Pasternack Enterprises, Inc., Mercury Systems, Inc., and SAGE Millimeter, Inc. are a few of the major companies competing in the global market for digital phase shifters. Leading businesses in the global market will focus on developing custom solutions that are aimed at particular requirements of diverse applications in various end-use industries.

Key Segments of Digital Phase Transformer Industry Survey By several bits:

  • 4-bit digital phase shifter
  • 5-bit digital phase shifter
  • 6-bit digital phase shifter
  • 8-bit digital phase shifter
  • Other

By frequency range:

  • 0.1 – 10 GHz Digital Phase Shifter
  • 11 – 20.99 GHz Digital Phase Shifter
  • 21GHz+ Digital Phase Shifter

By application:

  • Digital Phase Shifter for Communications
  • Digital Phase Shifter for Satellite Communications
  • Digital Phase Shifter for Radar

By region:

  • North American Digital Phase Shifter Market
  • Latin America Digital Phase Shifter Market
  • European Digital Phase Shifter Market
  • East Asian Digital Phase Shifter Market
  • South Asia and Pacific Digital Phase Shifter Market
  • Middle East & Africa (MEA) Digital Phase Transformer Market

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