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Digital Marketing: Trends That Got Companies Through Lockdown


Last year brought with it a wholly unanticipated boom in digital marketing, as the coronavirus pandemic shut down shops and forced businesses of all types to move operations online. 

Now, in an already overcrowded online space, stores and services are competing to make their voices heard and keep up sales in what has been an extraordinarily trying time. 

As a result, the gradually increasing emphasis companies had been putting on their digital marketing strategies has been accelerated. With it, trends that were predicted to come into their own further down the line have become new industry standards.

At the same time, some older, more established trends have proven to be invaluable, as companies rely on them to improve their marketing as a means of adapting to the new landscape. 

New digital marketing trends 

In order to keep competitive, more companies have been adopting cutting edge technology as part of their digital marketing. Here are three of the most influential.

1) Virtual reality 

Virtual reality basically allows digital marketers to immerse their customers in experiences that, because of the pandemic, have been made unworkable or unsafe. And, as it grows in popularity, the potential applications of this technology grow exponentially. 

Perhaps, in the next few years, digital marketers could use it to produce digital avatars of customers. Or, instead, it could be used by teams of marketers to effectively collaborate from different locations across the globe. 

2) Drones 

In a world in which contactless is king, drones have become valuable tools for businesses hoping to offer safe and convenient modes of delivery to their customers. However, although their use has been accelerated by the pandemic, it might be a little while before regulations allow them to be used more widely. 

3) Artificial intelligence 

Okay, so this one isn’t exactly brand new. In fact, artificial intelligence (also known as AI) has been around for a while. However, as the technology gets better and becomes more widely available, smaller businesses that previously had no access have been implementing it as a new strategy. 

This newly widespread tool for digital marketing allows businesses to deliver more personalised services to consumers. With almost 80% of consumers choosing to engage with offers based on how relevant they are to them personally, such technology could be exactly what businesses need to keep competitive. 

Older digital marketing trends that are still relevant today

It’s not just the newer digital marketing trends that are making their mark. There are some that have been popular for several years which are still proving their worth today.

1) Social media stories

First brought into the mainstream by Snapchat, social media stories have more recently taken on new relevance. Nowadays, most major social media sites include a stories feature, which allows users to post of-the-moment content in the form of pictures, videos, or something more interactive. 

As such, they are a great way to boost engagement and build a more active following. For companies that are looking to stand out to customers and stay on their radars during the pandemic, there are few better trends to take advantage of. Stay on top of content across your platforms by using social media management tools

2) Influencer marketing 

With the help of online influencers, brands have been able to reach new audiences in their thousands and even millions. And, because followers put a lot of trust in the opinion of their favourite influencers, influencer marketing tends to bring with it an impressive return on investment.

Poached from sites such as Instagram and TikTok, influencers have the clout that many brands have needed to expand their reach in recent months. 

3) Voice search

The first time you became familiar with voice search was probably when Siri was introduced to Apple iPhones back in 2010. While at the time it might have seemed like an unnecessary gimmick, voice search is fast becoming the primary way consumers access information and seek out new brands. 

These days, voice search is more popular than typing. Brands that have been able to leverage this technology for their own gain will have found it far easier to remain relevant. 

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