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Digital Marketing Plan: Everything You Need

Digital Marketing

Positive online reviews draw potential customers to businesses with high expectations. They create a particular prejudice towards a brand and heavily affect a buyer’s experience with the company throughout their buying process. Therefore, many eCommerce businesses try diverse marketing plans and strategies to create an excellent brand image on online platforms, generate sales, and promote themselves with creative campaigns across the channels. Because every business needs a customer. So, with growing follower you can improve your business.

Below, we listed everything you need to know to find your winning strategy, create a perfect campaign to promote it, and do it all with an influential plan!


  • What is a Digital marketing plan?
  • What is a Digital marketing strategy?
  • What is a Digital marketing campaign?

What is a Digital Marketing Plan?

A digital marketing plan refers to a blueprint of a corporation that overviews business objectives, goals, and digital marketing efforts. A good digital marketing plan includes information about:

  • Objectives of a business and marketing goals,
  • Marketing strategies,
  • Digital marketing channels,
  • Timelines and digital marketing budget.

A marketing plan is different than a business plan, as a business plan includes the company’s overall strategy, elements, and how all of them relate. In other words, a marketing plan is just a part of a business plan.

It is essential for businesses to create a digital marketing plan to know where business is at the present time, where it aims to be in the target market, and how to reach its target audience in the intended time period. Therefore, a business needs to build a digital marketing business plan template to:

  • Create better business goals with measurable key performance indicators,
  • Improve their focus on digital marketing methods and channels,
  • Stay consistent with their marketing strategy.

To create an effective digital marketing plan template, a business needs to:

  • Set SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-Bound) goals for the business,
  • Describe the target customers and buyer persona based on demographics (age, gender, ethnicity, education),
  • Manage market research and competitor analysis to define the market share,
  • Operate SWOT analysis (Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, and Threat),
  • Decide the budget,
  • Specify digital channels and digital marketing activities,
  • Arrange the digital marketing strategy of the business,
  • Build a marketing and social media calendar to track activities,
  • Track and measure analysis such as KPIs.

Once a business has a digital marketing plan, it can develop its digital marketing strategies and campaigns to promote products or services.

What is a Digital Marketing Strategy?

A marketing strategy refers to marketing tactics and talent on Instagram a business uses to:

  • Boost brand awareness and sales,
  • Have a presence on social media platforms.

The aim is to achieve those through organic traffic and engagements with both true potential of Instagram and existing customers.

The digital strategy responds to marketing initiatives and demands a good marketing team and digital marketing managers who can define the ideal customer in the targeted market and propose digital strategies to guide them through the marketing funnel. There are various strategies to use in various digital channels and some of them are:

  • Social Media Marketing; a business uses social media posts and platforms to not only sell their goods but also engage with customers on apps or sites available for browser and mobile devices.
  • Email Marketing; by sending personalized emails to customers, brands do not only encourage engagement but also provide information to customers about their latest products or services, campaigns, and other opportunities.
  • Search Engine Optimization; using the SEO strategy for content such as an article or blog post, businesses make brand-related content appear in search engines.
  • Content Marketing; Businesses use content marketing strategies to create educational or entertaining visual and audio content and encourage engagement to increase brand awareness.
  • Video Marketing; Businesses use videos either for commercial purposes or to create engaging content.
  • Influencer Marketing; Businesses collaborate with influencers to promote their products or services.

What is a Digital Marketing Campaign?

Campaigns refer to the implementation of the online marketing strategy in digital and social media channels for achieving goals and encouraging customers to engage with the brand. Depending on the type of marketing plan created by the marketing department, a business can create paid media campaigns based on a traditional marketing plan or inbound marketing plan.

To start a campaign, a business need to:

  • Define digital marketing goals,
  • Identify the market, and potential customers and create buyer personas,
  • Make keyword and subject research,
  • Choose marketing assets and budget,
  • Use relevant content,
  • Run plot campaign,
  • Track the campaign with tools such as Google Analytics and Google AdWords,
  • Adjust the budget and set up the campaign.

Successful Digital Marketing Campaigns

Businesses succeed in prosperous campaigns over the years as they did not only increase sales of their brand but also created a lasting and influential relationship with their audience.

Here are some mind-blowing campaign examples that manage to generate leads.

  • Rebuild The World campaign by Lego

Using the rebuild narrative with a white rabbit and a hunter as the main protagonists, Lego did not only introduce their products but also emphasized social issues with their visually creative advertisement. The captivating storytelling received positive reactions both from children and adults.

  • You Can’t Stop Us campaign by Nike

Nike’s campaign video featured various athletes to conduct their message for harmony, solidity, and perseverance. The campaign video reached 11 million views on YouTube and 20 million views on Twitter within a few days and earned the public’s interest.

  • The Last Mile campaign by Volkswagen

With the “When one road ends, another begins,” slogan, Volkswagen’s animated advertisement displayed a brief history of the eight-decades-old Bettle car before they announced their future plans with electric cars. The hashtag #TheLastMile acquired thousands of posts on Twitter and Instagram, where people shared their own experiences and expectations.


Businesses need an effective marketing plan for their digital presence. Above we mentioned what you need to know to create a plan for marketing, apply your strategies and promote your brand with creative campaigns. When you follow the right steps, you will reach your ideal customers in your targeted market and increase your brand awareness.

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