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Digital marketing in BD: Importance, Prospects & Challenges

digital marketing

The business and marketing industries are moving forward in the era of technology. Unlike traditional marketing, digital marketing is becoming a trend in global business.

Following the wind, the business wheel of Bangladesh is also propelling towards digital marketing. If you notice digital marketing trends in Bangladesh, you can easily understand it is on growth now than ever before.

So let’s know what digital marketing is and its advantages over traditional marketing. Also, find the business aspects of a digital marketing agency in Bangladesh.

What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing is an umbrella term that contains a lot of things. We can define digital marketing in several ways. But digital marketing usually refers to promoting media content through digital media and the internet.

In other words, it is a form of product or service marketing using digital technology or media. Generally, digital marketing is not limited to specific strategies and techniques. It includes a lot of styles and methods.

The marketing strategy depends on the criteria or type of your products or service. For example, social media marketing service, SEO service,  Affiliated digital marketing, and so on. It can help you grow your business very rapidly and efficiently.

Digital Marketing in Bangladesh: Prospects and Challenges

With the growth of digital marketing, it is possible that there will be more areas of work will create. Social media marketing, website marketing, SEO (search engine Optimization), AdSense, and so on are some demandable jobs created.

Here are a few business opportunities that may flourish in the future in the digital marketing arena: 

  • Online Advertising
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Management
  • Web Analytics
  • Data Analytics
  • Online PR and reputation management
  • And many more.

Apart from that, nowadays, many freelance platforms are also available where you can sell your services working as a freelance. Thus you can bring more revenue to the country from abroad, contributing to the economic growth of Bangladesh.

On the other hand, it creates an opportunity to promote your brand globally. Hence, you no longer do business within a border or locality. Now, the world is wide open for business with the blessing of digital marketing.

However, there are a few challenges that Bangladesh faces regarding digital marketing. The main challenge is the infrastructure to gather all the govt, semi-govt, private organizations, and stakeholders under the same ecosystem.

Again, consumers use different devices with separate protocols, configurations, and interfaces. Here is a big challenge to reach them all using a uniqe communication approach.

Why do you need digital marketing for your business?

There are plenty of reasons why you need to implement digital marketing in Bangladesh. One of the most crucial reasons is to reach your target audience and let them know about your product and service. In the older days, reaching the target audience was difficult and complex.

But these days, with the help of technology and digital media, you can easily do your digital marketing for product promotion. As a result, you can easily find your potential customers by promoting your products or service.

Advantages of digital marketing over traditional marketing:

No matter how small or big the business company is, the necessity of digital marketing is inevitable. It is a fantastic tool for reaching potential customers and advertising your product or service.

Some of the common advantages or benefits are given in the following:

  • Cost-effective: Compared to other marketing plans and methods, digital marketing is very reasonable in terms of cost.
  • Immediate Result: You can reach your potential and target audience within a short period.
  • Easy to do: It does not require field work like traditional marketing. You can do digital marketing through any digital media or device.
  • Easy to measure: You can quickly analyze your potential customer’s demands and needs. As a result, it would be easier for you to determine your target customers.
  • High Accessibility: You can easily sell your products or services remotely from your home.
  • User-friendly: Unlike the traditional way of marketing, digital marketing is very convenient, easy, and community-friendly.


Nowadays, digital marketing is a leading tool for any business company to make good profits. You can also make money by taking digital marketing as a career.

All you need to do is to build yourself with various marking skills. Hopefully, this writing gives you a brief idea about digital marketing opportunities in Bangladesh and the world.

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