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Digital Marketing Agency Drives Unprecedented Results for DTC Brands

The direct-to-consumer (DTC) market is rapidly growing. With 2026 global value projections of DTC e-commerce sales reaching $9.4 trillion, the pressure is on for DTC brands to establish a stronger presence, and effective digital marketing strategies will become a necessity for sustainable growth. This is where Hunter Digital Marketing thrives.

Hunter Digital, an award-winning marketing agency founded by Eric Lituchy, uses customer and market insights to craft data-driven, targeted campaigns. In this article, we’ll explore the story of Hunter Digital Marketing and how it helps bring unprecedented growth for DTC brands across different industries.

Eric Lituchy: A Pioneer in Digital Marketing

Lituchy’s story is about innovation and adaptation. His e-commerce journey began in 1998 when he launched a corporate gift marketplace. In 2000, he became one of the first 350 brands to advertise on Google Adwords, and within 10 years, his company became the #1 Online Gourmet Store, serving most Fortune 500 companies. 

Fueled by a passion for helping businesses succeed online, Lituchy decided to start his own marketing agency: Hunter Digital Marketing. 

Scaling DTC Brands with Marketing: A Data-Driven Approach

Through Hunter Digital, Lituchy applies his proven real-world experience to help businesses see significant growth. His primary method is using data-powered insights, leveraging a brand’s existing customer information to create more targeted campaigns. This approach ensures that his client’s messaging resonates with their target audience and achieves maximum impact. 

For instance, when studying customers, Hunter Digital dives deep into behavior patterns, purchase history, and website interaction. This granular understanding of customer behavior reveals hyperspecific preferences, pain points, and buying journeys. Empowered with this knowledge, a brand can personalize its messaging to connect with even more customers.

Hunter Digital then uses this data to create campaigns across various marketing channels — such as PPC, social media, and email marketing — constantly monitoring performance with advanced analytics tools to make real-time adjustments and optimizations.

The results speak for themselves.

Case Studies: Unprecedented Growth for DTC Clients

Ibkul: Rapid Growth Propelled by Data

Ibkul, an athleisure fashion brand, was looking to expand its customer base and achieve significant sales growth. However, the primary roadblock was lackluster audience segmentation; the brand had a general understanding of its target audience but needed a more granular approach to reach its ideal customers within the competitive athleisure market.

Partnering with Hunter Digital, Ibkul addressed this challenge by leveraging customer data within the athleisure market. By segmenting the client’s audience based on demographics, behavior, and purchase history, Hunter Digital was able to craft highly targeted campaigns that resulted in a staggering $2 million sales increase in two years — a 1200% ROI.

House of Hackney: Conquering the US Market Through Data-Driven Strategies

House of Hackney, a UK home decor brand, entrusted Hunter Digital with its ambitious plan to expand into the US market. However, this challenge required the client to understand US consumer preferences, build brand awareness in a new market, and adapt marketing strategies for a new audience. 

Hunter Digital’s data-driven approach effectively addressed these challenges. The results included a 2124% surge in US sales and a substantial 227% increase in conversion rates, exemplifying Hunter Digital’s ability to navigate new markets and solidify brand presence through strategic marketing efforts.

Visual Comfort: Unlocking Market Potential with Data

Visual Comfort, a lighting retailer, was struggling to improve its marketing efforts. While its existing strategies were maintaining an even plateau, leadership knew that several untapped revenue streams were just waiting to be discovered.

Through a comprehensive analysis of the market and the brand’s strategies, Hunter Digital found that Visual Comfort wasn’t fully maximizing the potential of affiliate marketing. By developing a more robust affiliate program, Hunter Digital unlocked a significant new revenue stream for Visual Comfort, resulting in a massive 400% increase in affiliate sales. 

Partnering for Growth: Your Future With Hunter Digital Marketing

Lituchy’s ( vision is for Hunter Digital to triple in size while maintaining its personalized, hands-on approach, saying, “When you have a service business, there are two things that matter: client satisfaction and team synergy.” And if his already impressive results are anything to go by, he’s well on his way to achieving this goal. 

This client-centric focus, coupled with a strategic data-driven approach, has positioned Hunter Digital as a leading force in helping DTC brands achieve unprecedented growth.

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