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Digital Label Printing Market Emerging Trend, Driving Factors, Outlook and Future Scope Analysis

Digital Label Printing Market

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During the period 2020-2030, the worldwide digital label printing market will develop at a substantial CAGR. Digital label printing is becoming more widely adopted due to factors such as cost-effectiveness, reduced labor requirements, and reduced waste creation. Digital label printing’s advantages are making it popular in industries like food and beverage, cosmetics, and medicines. Furthermore, FMI estimates that the volume of packaging printed using digital printing will be three times that of the actual volume over the forecast period.

Market Developments and Trends in Digital Label Printing

Digitalization is paving the door for new customer-centric business models to emerge. At the point of sale, creativity is required to attract buyers’ attention. Digital label printing provides market participants with a wide range of value-capture opportunities. According to studies, the digital printing packaging market will reach over US$ 30 billion in the next several years.

In 2020, personalization will be at the forefront of the packaging trend. Manufacturers are creating personalized digital labels to appeal to a more specific range of buyers. According to a recent study, over seven out of ten marketers believe that customization has a major impact on their customers. Frito-Lay, for example, prints faces on its potato chip packets, while Coca-Cola prints names on its soft drink bottles.

Analysis of the Digital Label Printing Market by Region

Because of the significant growth in the labeling sector, North America and Europe continue to be the epicenter of development potential in the worldwide digital label printing market. Both locations are home to digital technology pioneers. Furthermore, the speed with which these regions’ broader economic structures evolve is highly dependent on their digital ecosystem.

In the global digital label printing market, Asia Pacific (APAC) is expected to have a high-value share. According to recent estimates, Asia will maintain its dominance in the labeling business and will account for roughly 45 percent of global revenue in the future years. As a result, market players are swiftly relocating their manufacturing units to APAC to remain competitive.


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