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Digital Honey Review: Worth Your Time?

Digital Honey

Having a viable business idea, understanding how to cater to your ideal customer base, and developing the skills needed to grow your business successfully are all essential to your entrepreneurial pursuits. But there’s one element that gets overlooked: your credit. 

Business credit and personal credit can play a key role in small business success, and Digital Honey is a publication dedicated to helping you navigate credit and learn more about the many FinTech companies you’ll turn to as you improve your credit know-how. 

But is it worth your time? Let’s take a closer look at what Digital Honey is and what it has to offer. 

Digital Honey Review

Digital Honey is an online financial publication that teaches people how to build credit. It covers both personal and business credit.

The publication was founded by Certified Lending and Credit Specialist, Garit Boothe, after he leveraged his background in finance as well as his role at FinTech credit company, Nav, to raise his own credit score from the 500s to the 800s. 

He and his team of writers now seek to help others do the same, producing actionable, insightful educational content surrounding personal and business credit and credit tools. No matter what your mission is regarding your credit, you can easily get started with Digital Honey.

But what exactly do you receive when you subscribe to the Digital Honey email list or visit its website? 

Consumer Credit

Digital Honey covers two distinct forms of credit, but it also focuses on producing two types of content: blog posts and product reviews.

Speaking to its content covering consumer credit, it offers consumers the information needed to learn more about what credit is and how it functions, what actions need to be taken in order to build credit, and how to navigate the world with poor credit. 

It’s also quite common to come across personal finance topics, like budgeting and preparing your financial future, in order to work toward financial stability as you address your credit issues. 

All of these topics provide you with the foundation you need to build your credit, but you still need to know which credit-building tools will be best for your unique financial situation. 

This is where its in-depth product reviews come in. 

From credit-building loans to credit-monitoring apps, you can brush up on the top FinTech companies and credit vehicles to help you raise your credit score in a manner that best suits your needs. 

Given that most small business owners and entrepreneurs rely on personal credit to establish business credit, these resources can be invaluable to securing funding for your business. 

Business Credit

Is business credit more relevant to you at this point in time? If so, you’ll find plenty of support at Digital Honey. 

As with consumer credit, Digital Honey’s consumer credit resources make it easier to understand the key credit agencies and how they calculate scores, which NAICS codes to use or avoid, and how to tap into business credit resources without personal credit. 

Its writers also take a deep look at the credit tools you’ll need to establish and grow business credit, including net 30 accounts, business tradelines, and secured business credit cards. 

No matter where your business is, Digital Honey’s database of product reviews and blogs will guide you through business credit and support you as you secure the funding you need to see your business reach new heights. 

With so much credit knowledge out there, knowing that you’re investing your time in the right resources can make all the difference in your credit journey. 

Digital Honey is a publication that’s absolutely worth your time if you’re looking to grow your credit, use it to your advantage, and ensure you’re on track in life and business. 

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