Digital Evidence: What Is It And How Is This Computer Evidence Extracted?

Digital Evidence: What Is It And How Is This Computer Evidence Extracted?

At Proven Data we have the tools and the human team of digital forensics services to obtain and extract digital evidence. Many citizens are unaware of what this evidence is and how it is extracted. From this blog, we want to explain all these points to you so that you can better understand how important this digital evidence is.

Digital Evidence: What Is It And How Is This Computer Evidence Extracted?

Proof or digital evidence has great importance in the legal process. Whether for a civil, labor, criminal, commercial matter. As a result, we can begin to make a hypothesis and in the end, we understand what has really happened. 

Thanks to evidence, we can evidence a criminal act or not, which leads us to possession of the truth. But to do this, we will have to go through a procedure to obtain that proof.

All computer judicial experts must know this methodology process. Which is required by our laws to guarantee that we will only get the truth of what happened. For law, digital or electronic evidence is a perceptible certainty.

This evidence must be manifest, evident or obvious and clear, that no one can refute it. Hence, one sometimes hears from many jurists that not even testimonies or statements make a fact as clear as proof. The evidence is impartial, does not go against anyone and only evidences a clear fact of an event that occurred. Showing what happened and how it happened; and even pointing out the person responsible or responsible.

Obtaining Data In Computer Expert Tests: Path To The Test

The evidence or proof in computer forensic examinations is a set of stored data. These are inside an electronic or computer device, from computers, mobile phones, pen drives. The data may also have been transmitted by a computer system. Which has some relationship with the commission of a crime or act that compromises this system, through which it has been transmitted.

It explains and indicates which the main sources of evidence are. One of the sources is the so-called expert opinion or expert evidence. Where experts in a subject analyze and study the components in order to extract digital evidence.

Forensic Tools And Techniques For Methodology

To guarantee that we are talking about judicial evidence there must be a set of several factors. One of them is the knowledge of computer judicial experts and the application of forensic tools. The techniques used for the methodology can extract any evidence that points us to an action or event. 

Experts provide experience in a subject; in this case, it is computer science. With this knowledge we can help justice. Not only to the Judge who is investigating the case, but to the auxiliaries of justice or any citizen or organization that requests our help.

The object of the expertise or opinion is none other than to examine, analyze and study a behavior, fact or circumstance. In this way we establish facts that lead to certain effects or consequences. But the purpose of digital evidence is not to create a criterion for deciding, but to provide everything we know.

Analysis In The Expert Process: What Computer Scientists Do?

That numbering series will be the one noted in the notarial document. The expert must photograph all the devices and components that will be analyzed in the expert’s process. When examining the devices, you have to remove everything from them. 

To do this, a dump will be made on a hard drive that we carry. This point is important, because we should not do anything with the device that is the object of study. This is done to preserve the device and thus not regret any incident. Due to human error or any other circumstance, all the information contained in said device may be lost.

By dumping this content on a separate hard drive, everything necessary can be done to be able to make the expert opinion. Without fear that we may delete, eliminate or lose any evidence in our study. All opinions will be formulated in writing. Everything obtained is added to the report. Sometimes they are accompanied by documents, instruments or materials.

Specialists In Forensic Analysis And Investigations

In our agency we are professionals specializing in different computer services. Today’s society demands an answer to the uncertainty of certain questions. Above all, when we talk about more or less new subjects. For this reason, judicial experts are the only professionals who can help them with computer analysis. With your knowledge in various areas, you will be able to get advice and discover what is happening. Even issue complaints or defend themselves against accusations against them.

The digital forensics services experts will help you clarify everything; extract the evidence that will be valid in court. To discover who is responsible for everything, to prove that you did not commit such a crime. Through the devices to be evaluated, these professionals will determine several factors. Such as what device was used for this purpose, the time where the events occurred.

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