Digital Entertainment Asset (DEA) teams up with TV Tokyo Corp to bring Web3 Media to Japan

Singapore-based global web3 entertainment firm Digital Entertainment Asset (DEA) has unveiled a strategic collaboration with TV Tokyo Corporation which is geared towards introducing Web3 Media to the Japanese public.

This alliance has enabled DEA to team up with TV Tokyo Corporation to engineer state-of-art NFT/GameFi TV content. TV Tokyo focuses on delivering anime (including other video content categories) to its audience as noted by Ichiro Ishikawa, President and Representative Director of TV Tokyo:

“TV Tokyo produces various genres of programs and content such as news, animation, TV series, various shows, sports, etc. We would like to learn the latest digital technology called ‘Web 3.0’ such as NFTs, to make content that is more useful and enjoyable for everyone. We see our partnership with DEA as the first step in this direction and intend to use this as a breakthrough to actively pursue new areas of business.”

The current relationship between TV Tokyo and DEA could be traced back to when the co-founder and co-CEO of DEA Kozo Yamada began his career at TV Tokyo where he had previously spent 15 years as a television producer. In the Japanese NFT industry, Yamada also has an impact on YouTube and other online media. With valuable experience in TV broadcasting and numerous years as a Youtuber & Web media influencer in the Japanese NFT space; Kozo Yamada strongly believes this alliance will help DEA to lay the groundwork for a solid Web3 strategy in Japan and globally.

DEA and Web3 Mainstream Adoption 

A core part of the DEA and TV Tokyo Corporation agreement entails that the duo will work together to produce educational content that accurately informs the public about Web3 innovations in an effort to increase public interest in and acceptance of Web3 content. Yamada will aid DEA in reaching out to the general public through TV Tokyo thanks to his extensive expertise as a television producer and NFT influencer.

As a strong advocate of Web3 adoption, DEA’s other co-founder and co-CEO Naohito Yoshida believes that “the best ways to drive mainstream adoption of Web3 are to increase public awareness and foster an environment where competing Web3 companies can grow together successfully.”

DEA continues to expand on its broader Web3 offering as some of the most popular names in the Japanese anime and video games already have content on the PlayMining platform. The company also has its own cryptocurrency, DEAPcoin ($DEP), which is the first and only P2E token currently recognized by the Financial Service Agency of Japan.

Its PlayMining platform also houses a number of play-to-earn (P2E) NFT games, such as Job Tribes, Cookin’ Burger, Menya Dragon Ramen, and the recently released Graffiti Racer, which provides IP monetization potential to third-party game studio partners. PlayMining is currently focused on delivering a metaverse project and several other exciting blockchain-based games.

Check out DEA’s Website and follow PlayMining for the latest updates on their Website, Twitter, Facebook, Discord, and Youtube.

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