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Digital Development and Marketing Agency Smart Impact Provides 360° Solutions.

Can you introduce yourself in a few words and describe the agency?

Smart-impact: Smart Impact agency is specialized in e-commerce, feasibility study of digital projects, development, and marketing of high traffic websites. We work mainly on the CMS WordPress – Woocommerce and Prestashop. We use PIM (Product Information Management) technologies developed by us. Furthermore, we also work on workshops and training in companies. This helps our employees to integrate digital evolutions and to be at ease with the new features.

How do you differentiate yourself from other agencies?

We adopt an initial approach in pairs, with 2 experts who lead each meeting: the CTO and the Marketing Manager. Why do we do this? Because we work partly on a commission basis. We select our clients carefully and only work on projects with human and commercial dimensions that meet our humanist visions. A good collaboration also starts with a good feeling.

What advice would you give to a project owner who is comparing different agencies?

Comparing projects, asking questions, asking to contact clients, is essential. Also use your instinct, because your e-commerce partner should remain a long-term advisor. He has the knowledge and experience to make you a lot of money if everything goes well, but also to make you lose a lot if he does not understand your expectations.

What are the main challenges you face today?

The theoretical ease and the practical reality of an e-commerce project are often at the opposite of each other. A few years ago, e-commerce was a website. Today, to reach your customers when you are a brand, you have to think multichannel. Because a simple website is typically not enough, consumers want to read reviews, know your news, your way of interacting with the public and availability of advice via a chat. In a few words, we have moved from a concept of purchase to a concept of customer experience with the brand.

What are the main tools you use on a daily basis?

The best tool is our brain. The ability to anticipate and prevent problems is not yet managed by software. It is usually the team spirit that will make the difference in your project. The supports we use are typically API based and customized to get results quickly. IT for people has become our main work mojo with Agile methods.

Concerning the creation of an e-commerce site, what are the most important points to take into account before launching?

Define beforehand the WHAT and the WHY ? Because there is no universal e-commerce system. The ways of buying of the users are today very different according to the targets. To understand and reach them, it is essential to choose a complete agency, with graphic designer, interface designer, marketer, developer, financial consultant and project manager to benefit from 360° advice.

Many stores want to expand their business by going online. What are the pitfalls to avoid?

Do not underestimate a project. It is the first cause of frustration for each party. This is why it is necessary to exchange a lot, to meet and to set a framework with clear and precise objectives before the beginning of the collaboration. And then update them regularly.

What is a 360° agency for you?

A 360° agency is as interested in what happens upstream as what happens downstream during an e-commerce project. Because e-commerce is more than a website. It is above all a paradigm shift where each department of your company must be involved. E-commerce is also about creating, integrating and managing processes and flows. An ERP, a CRM, supply chain, multichannel, in short a complete adaptation. So often a disruption in your way of working.

And a final word?

(Digital) adaptation is a necessary and strategic issue. It concerns more than ever SMEs, so make wise choices, exchange a lot and with several companies before making a decision, and don’t forget that the good market is often still too expensive. Your success will depend on your choice.

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