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Digital Cinema United’s Recent Cloud-Based DCP Platform Expansion

Digital Cinema United, or DCU, a market leader in last-mile content solution services for Digital Cinema Packages (DCP’s), has just announced the continued expansion of its DCU Connect network, which supports the theatrical industry’s switch to electronic delivery. 

Over 700 producers, sales agents, and independent and major film studios utilize DCU’s services. Among these are Hollywood studios, Iconic Events, Greenwich Entertainment, and Samuel Goldwyn and Entertainment Studios. 

DCU operates across North America, Latin America, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, the Middle East and Africa. The company excels at connecting content owners, resellers and distributors with the content they need using digital supply chain services. 

Earlier this year, DCU was acquired by Liquid Media Group (Liquid) earlier this year. Liquid is a business solutions company that helps independent filmmakers and studios grow and succeed on a global level.

Speaking on behalf of DCU Connect’s expansion, Liquid CEO Ron Thomson explained how “DCU is an integral component of our four-stage business solutions engine, bringing vital technology that puts IP creators of all sizes and types on an even playing field with major studios across production services, international servicing, as well as theatrical and digital distribution. The DCU Connect expansion is a fundamental enhancement of DCU’s product offering, and of great incremental value to independent producers and distributors.”

DCU’s unique digital supply chain process happens in four steps: production services, international servicing, theatrical distribution and digital distribution. 

The first step, production services, serves as the foundation for the process. Primary source files, including digital cinema, audio and home video mastering with full QC, are created. The files are created using Final Asset Mastering, Theatrical and Downstream Source Prep and IMF workflow. 

The second step is international servicing. DCU collaborates with international sales assistants to properly schedule deliveries based on the needs of the distributor. Keeping up with the demands of content platforms, its DCP services include full localization, home video materials and broadcast deliverables. 

The next step, theatrical distribution, allows for all who utilize DCU’s services to self distribute their content both locally and internationally. The process includes Day-N-Date Distribution into 40+ Markets, DCP Encryption/Decryption and Global KDM Generation and Distribution with 24/7 Support. 

Last is digital distribution. DCU is able to encode or transcode DVD, Blu-Ray, and VOD titles. Thousands of titles have been delivered to major retail chains in addition to digital platforms such as iTunes, Amazon, Google Play and Hulu. 

With DCU Connect’s expansion being announced DCU’s Executive Vice President Ronnie Young explained how “DCU’s goal is to ensure the content gets on screen securely and in a timely manner, while also supporting the operational efficiency and to drive cost savings for DCU’s exhibition and distribution partners’ ‘.

Since late 2021, the company has grown its reach, with various arthouse cinemas and regional exhibitors relying on DCU Connect Network. The network consists of over 500 screens, including CineLux Theatres, Touchstar Cinemas, Belcourt Theatre (Nashville TN), The Grand (Tacoma WA) and Cinema Arts Centre (Huntington NY). 

The delivery platform is gaining attention for a reason: its easy installation and low costs. The installation process can be completed remotely in less than half an hour. In addition, there are no hardware costs and the entire system is free for exhibitors. 

The company’s clients openly share their contentment with the services provided. “Before selecting DCU as a preferred partner for our DCP deliveries, we did a thorough search and found DCU to have the most cost-effective, flexible and reliable service domestically,” said Fathom Events Senior VP of Operations & Strategic Partnerships, Lynne Schmidt.

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