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Digital assets exchange KoinKoin appoints Centropy PR as global comms agency

Digital assets exchange KoinKoin

KoinKoin, the Africa-focused digital assets exchange, has appointed Centropy PR to manage its global communications programme following a competitive pitch process. 

The fintech company founded by former banker Ola Atose, announced revenues of over £40m last year and has offices in London, Nigeria, and Ghana. KoinKoin helps customers to buy, sell and transfer digital assets across Africa, Southeast Asia, and Western Europe. 

Centropy will provide a suite of PR services to KoinKoin, including media relations, thought leadership, brand consultancy and social media consultancy. 

Ola Atose, founder, KoinKoin said: “We were seeking a PR agency that could support our business through rapid international growth. The Centropy team has a proven track record of helping firms scale-up internationally as well as an energetic approach to PR. We’re very excited to be working with a partner which shares our ambitions.”

Steven George-Hilley, founder, Centropy PR said: “Ola is a true entrepreneur who has built an incredible international business from the ground up. Our team is very excited to work with such an ambitious brand as it enters its next phase of growth.”

The world of cryptocurrency trading is rapidly evolving, and so are the platforms that facilitate it. As more people become interested in investing in digital currencies, the demand for reliable and efficient exchanges continues to grow. But what does the future hold for these trading platforms? Will they continue to expand and improve?

The market for cryptocurrency trading exchanges is set to increase significantly in 2023 and beyond. With more and more people becoming interested in cryptocurrencies and their potential for investment, it’s no surprise that these platforms are thriving.

However, with increased competition comes a need for innovation and adaptation and the need to reach the unexplored markets in Africa. Trading exchanges will need to continue improving their security measures, user experience, and range of offerings if they want to stay ahead of the curve.

With KoinKoin playing a big role in this curve, we can expect to see continued growth in this industry as cryptocurrencies become even more mainstream. So, if you are considering investing in crypto or simply curious about how these markets work, keep an eye on what is happening with the KoinKoin exchange – there is sure to be plenty of exciting developments on the horizon!

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