Decentralized Venture Capital Group and Digital Asset Management for the Blockchain Industry

Cryptos, or digital assets, as they are formally known, reached an all-time peak in terms of market capitalization in the start of 2018 with ICOs and crowdfunding of projects offering alternative and excess ways to invest and with more and more crypto exchanges launching this meant increased liquidity options.

Yet, even with such a huge opportunity space, crypto investment lacks the assurances that regular investments are accustomed to. Investment options such as exchange-traded funds and notes are nearly non-existent.

ICONIQLAB: What Is It And How Does It Work?

ICONIQLAB is a decentralized answer to the missing investment options in the blockchain sphere. The crypto platform offers a sound and reliable way for investors through funding projects that have a solid plan and a higher chance of success. As a venture capital firm, it launched ICONIQ Lab in early 2017 and later on in 2018, ICONIQ Funds as an asset management system that issues a series of digital asset index funds.

Investors are always nervous in holding long-term investments in cryptocurrencies due to the inherent market volatility (trade, competition and regulation factors included). ICONIQ, with its well-designed ecosystem, offers investors a chance to generate profit through investments that are safe, sound and incentivized through:

  • Anti Pump & Dump: holders of the ICONIQ token are incentivized to hold on to the token through membership and loyalty program. These include higher discounts, early access to venture ICOs and other services, thereby stopping investors to sell out their tokens when their target profit is achieved.
  • Increasing Demand: Rather than have a product or a service which’s demand may or may not increase, ICONIQ plans to offer the latest tokens and ICOs on its platform to investors, giving to a systematic rise to the token’s demand and value.
  • Balancing Supply: Understanding that a higher exclusive market will drive further value, 10% of all tokens bought back will be burnt on a quarterly basis, increasing demand and reducing supply to create even more value to the token.
  • Loyalty Program: Through different loyalty programs (subject to local laws and regulations) ICONIQ token holders will be offered a range of services, bonuses and discounts that will further drive the demand of the token.

Through these incentives into venture capital services into reliable ICOs and tokens, ICONIQ creates a very stable and highly sought after investment opportunity that is unparalleled in the blockchain industry.

ICONIQLAB’s Formation

Founded in early 2017, the venture capital platform is the collaboration of Patrick Lowry and Maximilian Lautenschläger. Patrick is a venture capitalist and an investor with ten years of experience. He is a qualified asset management auditor to some very big companies, such as Vanguard and Blackrock. He holds a BS degree in finance and accounting with an MBA and holds a CPA license.

Maximilian is a venture developer with a passion for blockchain. He has a number of years’ experience in venture capital, company building, private equity and financial technology. He holds a BA degree and an MBA, with a Chartered Alternative Investment Analysis.

The ICONIQ team is a wwell-diversifiedgroup of professionals who are divided into a management one, where the team specializes in the management and directorial functions, while the other team, the investment team, concentrates on the venture and funding.

The ICNQ Token and Token Sale

There are only a limited amount of ICNQ, the ICONIQ tokens that are used for transactions within the platform. Out of 20 million ICNQ that are pre minted, 4.1 million have already been issued through private sales, with an additional 3 million acquired by the ICONIQ team itself (a one year lock on the tokens has been made to ensure market manipulation is not possible). Other private sales have also been made, further limiting the amount of tokens available for public sales.

Eventually, with a further 10 million available for sale, 2.9 million tokens have already been burnt as per the platform policy of limiting tokens to preserve value.

The platform has also partnered with GBX Grid where a short supply of 500,000 tokens will be available for individuals interested in acquiring the tokens. The same amount is set aside for bounty programs.

Investing  in ICNQ

With a unique method of eliminating any chance of a fall in value, the ICONIQ team has created a very secure tokenization where, with reducing supply, burning and holding incentives, investors are given an atmosphere where cryptos have the same risks as any traditional investment.

Since the tokens are pre minted and the policy of reducing supply in the market governing the ICNQ tokens, earning the tokens is not a possibility. The only way to get the tokens is either to take part in the private sales (only open to institutional/large investors) or through the GBX Grid, if an individual.

The ICNQ tokens carry investment risks that should be considered carefully before funding.

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