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Digible is Bringing Physical Collectibles to the DeFi Era

Digible is a pioneering non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace that is backed by physical rare collectible cards.

The platform brings together physical cards and NFTs, allowing users to buy, sell or auction their collectibles and have the option to receive them in an NFT format. Each physical card holds credible value and will have an NFT version backed by the physical asset.

The Digible marketplace excludes physical cards. Users can use the avenue to buy/sell or auction any NFT they want. The platform uses DIGISAFE to store a users’ card securely until they decide to either sell or auction it later when it appreciates.

To ensure that card owners still have control of their physical card, Digible has introduced DigiTrack, a tool they can use to track their collectible at any time.

The Digible team guarantees the authenticity of all cards accessible on the platform by first inspecting them and then sending them for official grading by the Professional Sports Authenticator (PSA).

Users on the platform can access their physical collection online by simply logging into the digital wallet where their NFT is stored. If a card owner auctions or sells their card, the protocol burns the NFT to eliminate duplicate issues.

Hurry and Join The Digible Presale!

The Presale of the Digible native token (DIGI) will go live on Thursday 22nd April: 15:00 UTC. The sale will be hosted via the Digible website.

The event is expected to raise a total of 300 ETH at a rate of 81,666 DIGI per ETH. Crypto investors will require to deposit a minimum contribution of 0.1 ETH (Max 0.5 ETH) to participate.

The DIGI token will be listed on Uniswap immediately after the sale at a rate of 65,500 DIGI per Ether. 60% of the Presale (180 ETH) will be utilized for liquidity and locked for two years.

DIGI Tokenomics

The DIGI tokenomics are as follows:

Total token supply of 100M

  • 10M- goes to Marketing Team
  • 10M- allocated to Digi Development Team 
  • 7.5 M- will go to Rewards 
  • 15M- set aside for staking Pools
  • 16.5M-allocated to Pinpoint Seed
  • 4.7M-will go to the private round
  • 24.5M- set aside for the Pre-Sale
  • 11.8M- will provide Liquidity

Note: Team & Marketing tokens will be vested over a 24 month period.

The team will post further instructions via the project’s Telegram on the day of the sale. Join the announcement channel to stay tuned for the start of the upcoming Presale!

How to Stake DIGI Tokens and Earn Rewards

Digible will soon offer token holders the opportunity to earn passive income by staking their DIGI on the protocol. A DIGI/USDT Pair will be available, allowing investors to provide liquidity on Uniswap and receive the LP Token.

Users will also earn rewards via the DIGIDUEL feature that allows them to battle for any desired NFT they hold in their wallets. Cardholders must place their NFT & $DIGI as a bet and select a colour of their choosing to participate. The user with the NFT matching the winning colour receives the losers NFT, along with the $DIGI tokens placed as a bet for the duel. 

The Digible protocol takes a 1% fee from the total bets, of which 0.7% will go to the staking pool, and 0.3% is burned.

Selling Physical Cards or NFTs Via DIGI Auction

The DIGI Auction feature will also be available at the marketplace for users wishing to sell their physical card or NFT via an auction. The only requirement to use the feature is that participants must hold a minimum of 3000 $DIGI.

Physical cards to be auctioned are first sent to the Digible platform. If an NFT is on auction, the digital collectible will be locked on the protocol for the auction duration, and smart contracts will handle the transactions.

The auction feature levies a 10% processing fee for any sale/ auction held in the marketplace. 5% of the total fee will go into the staking pool, while the remaining 5% will cover expenses and fund future operations of the project.

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