Different Types Of Lithium-Ion Forklift Battery

To ensure the safety of your forklift, it is essential to have a Lithium-Ion Forklift battery. In the event of an accident, the weight of the truck exerts enormous forces, and Li-ION batteries in forklift trucks are designed to withstand such loads. The battery’s 25 mm thick housing prevents it from penetrating the fork at high speeds. Additionally, has ensured that its high-quality mechanical design complies with strict quality standards.


BSLBATT has developed 43 standard lithium forklift battery modules for use in a variety of forklift applications. These modules can be stacked in parallel and are suited to the specifications of forklift OEMs. Lithium-ion batteries offer an improved cost-effectiveness by reducing the nominal capacity of the battery by 20 to 30%. Lithium-ion forklift batteries are maintenance-free and are easily replaceable and can be recharged anytime.


When you want a high performance lithium forklift battery, you need to choose an Alpine Power Systems model. Alpine’s lithium offerings are known for their outstanding quality, reliability, and uptime guarantee. These batteries feature onboard computer technology and slotted designs. They also feature advanced on-board computing systems to help optimize battery management. They’re made of commercial grade steel and nickel-plated busbars.


A UgoWork Lithium-Ion forklift battery is a safe, environmentally friendly option for your fleet. These batteries are certified by UL to ensure maximum productivity for fleets in the distribution, warehousing and third-party logistics (3PL) sectors. The company offers energy-as-a-service, an affordable pay-per-use model and on-site service for its products.

HAWKER FLEX(r) Li3 battery

The HAWKER(r) FLEX(r) Li3 forkW forklift battery delivers a powerful combination of performance, productivity, and profitability. The intelligent battery management system, developed in accordance with strict safety standards, protects against over-discharging while providing maximum reliability. The battery is also designed to meet strict safety regulations, including UL 2580 and EN1175:2020, and has been certified by Underwriter Laboratories (UL), the world’s largest safety certification organization.

Blue Line 48V Lithium-Ion Power System

The Blue Line 48V Lithium-ION Power System for forklift batteries is an excellent choice for optimizing the performance of Class I and sitdown forklifts. The battery system offers multiple capacity options and an impressive lifespan of six to twelve years. This drop-in replacement for lead-acid batteries is easy to install and includes an on-board charger for maximum convenience.


East Penn has acquired the majority interest in Navitas Systems, a leading provider of advanced lithium battery systems for government and industrial applications. The companies plan to integrate their battery offerings and leverage the Navitas’ lithium R&D expertise. Both companies will maintain their current management teams and facilities in Ann Arbor, MI. The addition of East Penn’s leadership in lithium battery technology is an excellent fit for both companies.


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