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Differentiate Between V Part Wig & U Part Wig


In our previous post, we simply introduced what a v-part wig is. However, some may find it very similar to a U-part wig. If you are confused about which one you should buy and which one is best for you, just keep reading. In this post, we are going to show you the strong contrasts between u part wig and v part wig. So that you can know which is the best human hair wig for you.

Now, let’s start from the very basics. What exactly is a u-part wig and what are its pros and cons?

What is a u part wig?

A U part wig is a glueless wig that comes with a U-shaped cut in the front that allows you to leave a section of natural hair. This is one of the most popular no-glow wigs on the market.

Pros and Cons of U Part Wigs


  • Natural Appearance: With a U-part wig-on, a section of your natural hair is pulled out and available to blend in with the strands of hair on the wig. So a u-part wig can give you an undetectable and complete hair look.
  • Quick and easy option: A U-part wig is a clip-in wig featured with clips and a comb inside the wig cap. It can be installed and removed in minutes. An ideal option for wig beginners and those who don’t want to spend too much time handling wigs.
  • Protective Wig Style: The U-shaped opening of the U part wig gives you easy access to your natural hair, facilitating regular cleaning. Also, for people with sensitive skin, U-part wigs are also a healthy choice. With U-Part wigs being human hair, they no longer require any glue or adhesives. What’s more, a U-part wig puts less stress on your scalp, as you no longer need to sew.
  • BREATHABLE AND COMFORTABLE: The U part wig is made of highly breathable machine-made wig cap material. It is soft and breathable. What’s more, its U-shape cut allows your natural hair and scalp to breathe freely day and night.
  • VERSATILE IN STYLE: With a U-Part wig on, you’re allowed to part anywhere. Also, 100% human hair u part wig is made from virgin hair. So you can color, perm, bleach, highlight, straighten or curl it to restyle it into any hairstyle you want.


A U-part wig requires you to pull out a section of natural hair to leave it out. So if you have balding hair on top then U part wig is not a friendly wig style for you.

If you are willing to change hairstyles frequently with different heat styling tools, U Part Wig On, it is inevitable to re-style a part of your natural hair in the meantime, which can damage your natural hair.

What is a v part wig?

Another name for V part wig is thin part wig these wigs have a v shaped opening at the top and it is a modified half wig. The V-shaped opening helps provide a very natural hairline. They have no laces and do not require gel or glue. The best thing about them is that they blend so perfectly with your natural hairline that no one will be able to tell the difference between your hair and the wig. The wig will always look blended and match the roots of your hair. Because it doesn’t require a storage cap, V-shaped wigs are perfect for everyday use, and don’t require any skill to install and remove.

Pros and Cons of V Part Wigs


  • The V part wig is an upgraded version of the U part wig, so it also preserves the advantages of the U part wig, such as time saving, beginner friendly, natural appearance, versatility, safety style, etc.
  • No Hair Out or Minimal Leave: V part wig allows you to part your scalp with no or minimal leave. With a V part wig without any leave, all your hair problems can be completely hidden. With minimal parting with a V part wig, the wig can blend perfectly with your natural hair, and it’s hard for anyone to tell if you’re wearing a wig.


  • Like a U-part wig, with a V-part wig with a leave-out, your natural hair can fall out or become damaged if you apply too much heat to the hair that comes out.
  • A V part wig allows you to stick out a smaller section of natural hair than a U part wig. Therefore, a U-part wig can provide a somewhat more natural finish than a V-part wig.

Differences between U part wig and V part wig

  • Shape of opening: U part wig comes with a large U-shaped cut at the front, while v part wig has a small v-shaped opening at the front of the wig cap.
  • Leave Out or Leave Out: U-part wigs allow you to leave a large area of natural hair to cover the wig, so it’s available to bring a natural finish to your hair look.
  • V-part wigs are more friendly to people with thin and weak hair than U-part wigs. Because v-part wigs are available to meet all hair problems. A u-part wig is more suitable for those who have thick hair on top but thin hair around the frame.

We hope this post can be helpful to you when choosing between a U-part wig and a V-part wig. If you still find it difficult to choose, feel free to reach out to our consultants. No matter what human hair wig you are looking for, Hurela Hair can satisfy you!

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