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Different Stencil Materials to Make Your Signage Come Alive


Displaying high visibility signage is a must for driving traffic to your store. While you can always choose from the standard options available from all sign makers, using stencils can be a great way of making custom signage that shines through the clutter. You can get a variety of stencils made from different materials that allow you to customize your branding without spending a bomb. Some insights:

Single-Use Stencil

While you can reuse most stencils, the single-use stencil, as the name suggests, is meant for just one use. The material used is a self-adhesive vinyl that sits flat on any surface, even if it is curved, which prevents the paint from bleeding through below the stencil and ruining your effort to make the letters crisp. The plus points of this type of stencil are that it is easy to position and move. The stencil is easy to use as you need only to peel the paper backing from the stencil, stick it to the surface using transfer tape, smoothen it, remove the transfer tape, and start painting.

Stick-On Stencil

Stick-on stencils follow the same concept as sticky notes, and you can use them just about anywhere you like. The stick-on stencil that uses low-tack self-adhesive vinyl is reusable. While the vinyl sticks closely to the surface and prevents the paint from bleeding below the stencil, the low-tack adhesive makes it possible for you to reuse it several times before it loses its stickiness. If you need to keep away the stencil in between uses, stick it to the wax backing paper.

Plastic Stencil

Most of the leading stencil suppliers like stencilmepretty will offer plastic stencils. Typically they are made of Mylar, a pliable, durable, and washable material. Due to these properties, plastic stencils last for a long time and are ideal for repeated use. Since Mylar is flexible, you can stencil on almost any surface by forming the stencil on it. Even when you use it on a curved surface, you will get the same beautiful finish you expect on a flat surface. Soaking it in soapy water is enough to clean it for use later on. According to the Thought Co., Mylar is biaxially-drawn polyethylene terephthalate (PET) possessing great tensile strength.

Metal Stencil

If you want to make your stencil last forever, you need to look at metal stencils. Since they are precision cut, you can be assured of a smooth edge essential for a clean finish. When you use it properly and do not bend or twist it, these stencils will last for a lifetime. Metal stencils represent good value for money because even if they are more expensive than plastic stencils, they last far longer and are great for heavy-duty use. Metal stencils are perfect for large lettering since they bend less, and you can use other tools like blow torches for awesome stencil effects.


Since you can buy stencils of several materials, you can make a good choice only if you know what the job demands. While a self-adhesive vinyl stencil is perfect for a one-time exercise, a plastic or metal stencil will last longer.

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