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Difference Between WordPress And Typo3 CMS

In this growing technology, everyone is going to need WordPress or TYPO3 Agentur for websites to experience better. But what’s the difference between the two and which one should you choose? To develop your brand identity you will need these platforms. Both are good and offer different features and benefits. A user has to decide based on his/her needs.

In 1997, Kasper Skrhj began developing TYPO3. The first version and layout of WordPress were released by Matt Mullenweg in 2003. Choosing the best platform for your website can be tricky and confusing. Here are some differences between these two to choose you better according to your requirements. 

Reality-based on uses

TYPO3 is the CMS of choice for 130,998 websites. Both platforms are free to use for any user. In the meantime, WordPress is the CMS of choice for 27,449,706 websites. WordPress is used by a large number of websites in comparison to TYPO3. WordPress is open-source and also known as a personal publishing platform.

Simple and sleek layout

The management of content for websites is simple and handy to implement with TYPO3. In the given features, a user just has to drop and drag the menu for content and pages. In WordPress, the name justifies its simplicity on its own. It is convenient to use, and every user/blogger likes it. To add content to your website, you don’t need to go for any technological or third-party tools.

The layout for both platforms is quite convenient to use and to learn. A beginner can easily work and produce content for websites using these platforms. The layout is simply understandable and a justified experience for a user.

Meanwhile, the WordPress website’s design is based on a WordPress theme’s style. However, there is no complete independence between the developer’s extensions and the WordPress theme chosen by the designer. In typo3 extra functionalities could be added by using the typo3 extensions. And in WordPress, the functionalities will be automatically added with WordPress extensions. Certain functionalities and features are related and linked to the theme.

Purpose and goal of both platforms for websites

TYPO3 is an excellent and suitable option for large businesses or company websites. If a user has several companies and websites then they should go for typo3. Meanwhile, WordPress is a content management system (CMS) that is utilized from the beginning of a business or website for a variety of reasons. WordPress is useful for publishing small blogs, personal blogs, small websites, and small businesses. If you are a beginner and recently launched your website and business then WordPress will be the best and reliable choice.


Both offer good security for your content on the website. In typo3 you will get the built-in security features automatically. You don’t have to install or add them from anywhere. And WordPress provides security features if you regularly update your system. Security is a must and very essential for any user or website. The data and content should be protected and safe from hackers.


In the end, both platforms are used by several websites, but here WordPress wins a mark extra. More people prefer to use WordPress more. WordPress and typo3 offer free use to users. They are easy and handy to use and also cost-effective. Their easy layout and features make the user understand better and be more productive.

You can add or install functionalities and features in both by using their extensions. A beginner can use it easily and understand the features better in no time with the help of an easy layout. Typo3 offers built-in security and in WordPress users have to update the system regularly.

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