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Diagonal View to Bring Over 1,500 Hours of Content and 15 million Fans from Its Popular YouTube Channels to BitMovio

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SAN FRANCISCO, CA — July 31, 2019 — BitMovio ( announced its partnership with digital video network Diagonal View to acquire video programming from 16 of its popular YouTube channels that reach over 15 million subscribers. With this partnership, BitMovio will acquire over 1,500 hours of new content for its blockchain-enabled video entertainment marketplace, available in open beta to users around the world via web browsers, iOS and Android devices. Diagonal View develops original content across dozens of growing channels, many of which will now be available to BitMovio audiences, including Football Daily, Euro Football Daily, FDFC, AllTime 10’s, Alltime Movies, Draw My Life, AllTime Conspiracies, 101 Facts, Debunked, 24 Swish and more.

Simon Zhu, Co-founder and CEO of BitMovio, said: “What makes BitMovio unique from other streaming video platforms like YouTube is that we’re dedicated to enabling content creators to distribute their videos without bureaucracy or barriers. Creators can develop personalized channels on BitMovio with flexible monetization and business rules.  This enables them to instantly engage with their global audience and grow their fan bases, with superior economics, engagement and transparency that are enabled by blockchain technology and enhanced by ‘gamification’ elements such as our MoviBits virtual currency, features which are the driving force behind global entertainment success stories such as Fortnite and many others. Diagonal View is the ideal partner for bringing premium content to our community across a variety of popular genres that our community will enjoy, like gaming and eSports, sports, paranormal, life-style, sci-fi, horror, and more.”

Matt Heiman, MD of Diagonal View said: “BitMovio shares our vision of enabling creators to develop bespoke pieces of content and then build an engaged fan base anywhere online. They bring an innovative approach to managing, distributing and monetizing video content that allows us to drive new revenue streams while building new fan bases on the BitMovio platform.”

A cross between Twitch, Netflix and Patreon, BitMovio is a new form of video entertainment marketplace enabled by blockchain technologies and in-platform virtual goods. The platform supports a variety of monetization models, such as cryptocurrency and its own MoviBits virtual currency, and offers viewers a gamified user experience, including real-time chat, on-screen bullet chat, tipping, gifting, micro-transactions, per-channel subscriptions and reward-based advertising that create an engaging and connected global community. BitMovio’s streaming video platform features a wide array of genres, including gaming, sci-fi, fantasy, horror, paranormal/UFOs, conspiracy and more. Over the past several months, the company has signed over 4,500 hours of premium video content from premium film and television networks and studios, global production companies, YouTube networks, independent film producers and individual influencers. 

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About BitMovio

BitMovio is a next-generation gamified video entertainment marketplace, connecting forward-thinking content creators and passionate consumers. BitMovio is a cross between Twitch, Netflix and Patreon, powered by blockchain technologies and in-platform virtual currency, which enables content creators, consumers, and financiers to transparently and instantaneously exchange value and attention. Backed by top-tier venture capital firms in Silicon Valley, New York City and Boston, BitMovio is on a mission to disrupt the video entertainment industry’s centralized content distribution and financing model. For more information, visit

 About Diagonal View

Diagonal View is a Multi Channel Network owned by Sky Limited, Unlike many other MCNs who are primary aggregators of content, Diagonal View owns and produces the majority of their own videos. A platform agnostic company, their content can be viewed on YouTube, Facebook and AOL amongst others. With separate teams working on different platforms, they are thought to be the largest digital content producer outside of the United States. Key channels include: All Time 10s, Football Daily, All Time Movies and All Time Conspiracies. Talent from both online and offline appear on these channels including KSI, Jose Mourinho and Megan Fox. The company also builds audience for content owners and producers such as the FA, Sony Music, and the Financial Times, and has produced branded content for Net-a-Porter, Samsung, Nintendo and many others. Learn more at

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