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Devil’s Pulpit NFT Collections Revealed The First LIAR LIAR NFT Collection’s Masterpiece

A team of creators has stepped up to help the people of Ukraine amid rising global tension by bringing art to the fore. They have now revealed the first masterpiece of their collection Liar Liar NFT.

Amid the ongoing Russia Ukraine war, a team of creative thinkers has decided to use the power of NFTs to empower the people. With their platform, the developers aim to put digital art from talented artists worldwide up for auction at OpenSea and plan to donate 51% of their NFT-generated proceedings to the people affected by world leaders. They will be giving buyers the freedom to choose their charity and provide them with the digital NFT and the signed physical piece of art.

As evident, a non-fungible token is a non-transferable unit of data that may be sold and traded and is held on a blockchain, a type of digital ledger. In recent times, they have been gaining popularity as it allows an artist to gain full ownership of their art and prevent counterfeiting. Keeping in line with its rising popularity, Devil’s Pulpit NFT Collections is now offering its first LIAR LIAR NFT collections and is inviting people to share their art on social media. They have revealed the first masterpiece in the collection, which is getting a massive response from the people worldwide.

Speaking about the inspiration for their platform, Ellington, the founder of Devil’s Pulpit, was quoted as saying, “We are a group of explorers and creative thinkers on a mission to create amazing and opinionated NFT collections that connect each piece to the people and the world. Our team consists of the most empowering, mission-driven leaders and doers in the industry, all of whom are on a mission to provide deeper meaning and value to people and the world and assist people looking for stronger NFT connections.”

The company plans to launch its LIAR LIAR NFT collections for sale on OpenSea in the second quarter of 2022, having already completed its quarter one plan for utility engagement community planning. They will be donating 51% of all auction income to the needy people and aims for a badass NFT collection art creation by the year’s end. In 2023, the company plans to expand its reach by creating and launching the SWINDLER NFT collection with plans to host a free metaverse concert for all NFT holders.

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About Devil’s Pulpit NFT Collections

Devil’s Pulpit NFT Collections is a brand for confident rebels who wish to empower the world through digital art for auction in the form of their NFT collectibles.

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